• GHDR 2019 April Review Part II: Unexpectedly Undramatic

    April 8, 2019

    Me and my Cousins Hey everyone, I’m following-up on Part 1 of the April 4 Review, today while also combining the week review for the previous week. I’d sum-up everything as “There really isn’t anything to report that’s notable.” This is a surprise to me, because I have come to expect the discoveries of new and exciting screwups! I can interpret this feeling in a few ways:

    • Possibility #1: I’m nailing it! Hooray!
    • Possibility #2: I must have a fever, because this can’t possibly be right. What am I missing?
    • Possibility #3: Maybe this is expected? Neither exciting nor disappointing, but just…progress?

    I’m going to tentatively assume it’s the third option: maybe it’s been an OK month and that is also OK. I got a lot done, though per usual it took much longer than I thought it would. I also got to play a lot of The Division 2 with my cousins (above image, me on the right), and feel…balanced? Satisfied? Accepting?

    I am not used to feeling comfortable! Argh! Let’s see if we can figure out why this is! (more…)

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    Dave Seah
  • GHDR 2019 April Review Part I: Looking Back to Look Forward

    April 4, 2019

    Looking back to look forward (screenshot from 'The Division 2' Happy Groundhog Day Resolutions Review Day!!! This week I made a promise to myself to stop working by 630PM and so I’m splitting up the April 4 Monthly Review into multiple parts. I thought that I would take a moment to look back at my goals for 2019 to make them more understandable, so looking forward might be easier. There are a LOT of messy moving parts in my Groundhog Day Resolutions process, so starting with this review is a good way to get my head around it again. (more…)

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    Dave Seah
  • Weekly Review 0402 – One Project Closes, Five More Begin

    April 2, 2019

    Ugly Progress Hey, this is a late review of the week March 25-31, 2019. I’m going to add a WIN / STUCK report here; I got this idea from my friend Jakob, who I check-in with weekly.

    WIN – I finally got the MEME “draw graphics from data structure” code working in principle (see above screenshot). Now it has to be refined, but the framework for how it happens is solid enough to support the other aspects of the tool. The MEME tool is for a research grant that investigates how students can reason about system modeling in the sciences.

    STUCK – Now that the crunch of last month is over, I am swamped with a hoard of other concerns. I’ll be going on a long family trip and need to prep on what to bring for a month. I am trying to help with a big community event. I need time for myself and my projects, too.

    On the plus side, I have recognized that I actually do do a lot of work, whereas before I thought I was doing less than most people. I no longer think this is the case, so I am just trying to accept it gracefully. An unexpected benefit of this acceptance is that I’m feeling better about doing household chores, as I see this just as the continuum of work things I have to do. Before I thought it was taking away from time that could be spent doing important things. Now that I think of everything I do as important (at least to me, which is sufficient), I am not in the mindset of feeling ALWAYS BEHIND and NEVER PRODUCTIVE ENOUGH. This is one of those situations when “knowing that what I do is enough” and “feeling what I do is enough” are not aligned. Maybe now the alignment is there.

    Those are the major insights from the last week. Let’s quickly review the details using the standard report format.


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    Dave Seah
  • Weekly Review 0326 – My Mental Sarcophagus

    March 26, 2019

    Spicy Chicken WHEW it has been a busy week. I’m in a full-bore CODING MODE, which is an interesting mode because I’m putting must of my energy into it at the expense of other projects. This is fine, though, because it fits with the three slots of attention working model I’ve been working with for the past half year. Because I’ve been in coding mode, I’ve been having a “coder’s diet” (see above SPICY SICHUAN CHICKEN), which isn’t great for my waistline but damn is it tasty.

    I have a new way of envisioning work focus that I am calling THE MENTAL SARCOPHAGUS, into which I “seal away the soul of my mortal concerns” so I don’t think about anything but work. Like a zombie, but in a good way! With the solitude and quiet that comes from having sealed my daily concerns away into the sarcophagus, it’s a lot easier to single-minded pursue the work for a bit. It’s similar to other approaches I’ve taken like CRUNCH MODE (a multi-day marathon) and AUTISTIC MODE (closing myself to inputs), but different in a way I have yet to determine. Largely it might be working because I just like saying the word sarcophagus over and over, and being amused by this helps my overall attitude.

    But let’s get into the actual review! Hopefully this will be fast! (more…)

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    Dave Seah
  • Weekly Review 0319 – A Community-Driven “Personal Unified Theory” in the Making

    March 19, 2019

    Closing Event for Ralph Baer Day at Jupiter Hall To provide the context for the review of last week, let me restate my STRATEGIC GOALS FOR 2019 as follows:

    • [DISCIPLINED GOAL] Increase my mastery of Javascript Development
    • [DISCIPLINED GOAL] Increase the viability of my Online Stationery Business
    • [EMERGENT GOAL] Increase my expression of “me”
    • [EMERGENT GOAL]Take care of myself and the communities that matter to me

    Disciplined goals (the top two) are what I consider HARD, and are explicitly part of my Groundhog Day Resolutions push. The emergent goals “just happen” without me having to think about them because I am magical that way, and are NOT officially part of my Groundhog Day Resolutions task lists.

    It was only last week that I realized there were two ways to handle the HARD DISCIPLINED goals, and that I had to take this into account:

    1. Make regular progress on CURRENT initiatives that are GHDR-relevant! This is the ongoing daily work for billables and immediate responsibilities to keep the machinery running.
    2. Make FUTURE opportunities by creating new packages! This is the future projects that bring opportunities, revenue by producing new assets.

    Most of the time I’ll be working on maintaining longer-term projects and not the shiny new stuff in (2). Getting OK with that was a major insight. Also, I decided NOT TO WORRY about a lot of things and not be so hard on myself. The culmination of the Ralph Baer Celebration last week also has helped me see that being an active contributor in a creative community is legitimate work, and I no longer have to feel like I’m not spending the bulk of my time doing “real work”. I AM DOING A LOT OF WORK, though not everyone will think it as such. But as far as MY PERSONAL MISSION AND CALLING goes, I think I’m doing it.

    But I’m jumping ahead…let’s get to evaluating the week! (more…)

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    Dave Seah