About Dave Seah, Investigative Designer

Looking for 2020 Form Updates? Amazon Marketplace News:
  • My pre-printed versions of the ETP on Amazon USA are going out of stock because of issues I've had with listings. In 2020, I am working to provide alternative fulfillment on my Shopify store later in 2020.
  • Please note that I only officially sell in the US; other countries that have my work for sale are from gray marketeers who are increasing the price ridiculous amounts!

Welcome to my website!

Here I like to share my nerdy experiments, dabbling in graphic design and programming as I try to create a life based on self-sustaining creative inquiry. I think there are two kinds of content here that people will find interesting:
  • Paper-based Productivity Tools – You’ll find popular PDF downloads like the Emergent Task Planner in the Productivity Tools section. They grew out of experiments designed provide clarity on my project challenge without a lot of tedious data entry.
  • Personal Development for Nerdy Creatives – For people discovering their own creative potential, I offer my own untidy journey for comparative reading. My blog archives are categorized by interest, and I try to provide takeaway points at the end of each article. Also check out the Investigations menu, where I document some of the larger challenges I’ve made for myself.
I believe that by sharing my experiences, others who are on the same path are heartened to know they aren’t alone. I know this is true because others have helped me in this very same way; this is my way of paying it forward.


Recent News and Posts

I’m on a reduced blogging schedule until I rebuild this website as a research notebook/catalog of amusing things. However, I am still posting Groundhog Day Resolution reports here along with the occasional announcement. My daily writing has shifted to our virtual coworking space and I’m also experimenting with video status updates.

Virtual Coworking

Join Sri's Virtual Coworking Cafe
I’ve been running a “virtual coworking community” where nerdy, positive-minded folk of a curious nature can share our daily working experiences! Here’s what we’ve got going on:
  • The coworking chatroom is organized to provide the “level of distraction” you need, from “quiet typing noises” to “noisy office”.It’s an eclectic group of people who have chosen to work together in a supportive (and not entirely serious) environment. I’m really happy how it’s become like a small coffeeshop with a handful of regulars from around the world. Visit the coworking chatroom on Discord (requires account signup).
  • I also occasionally stream video work sessions on YouTube, using multiple cameras and screen captures to convey what I’m doing. Some people like the feeling they get that someone else is working in the background. Visit my YouTube Coworking livestream archives.
The Coworking Cafe is where I share a lot of my thinking with a diverse group of interesting people…it’s a really good bunch of people who are interested in sharing stratagems for achieving our unique goals. You can read about how it works on the official virtual coworking page.