GHDR 2022: December Report

GHDR 2022: December Report

Working on ETT Prototypes photo: I resurrected the double-sided Emergent Task Timer 15m tracker for a friend in the coworking Discord server. I think it’s promising.

I forgot to post the link to the December Report. It’s still in draft form but I think it conveys the gist of what was on my mind:

  • letting the insights about ADHD and ASD effects sink in
  • acknowledge that there is still hard stuff to do that I haven’t really addressed
  • thinking about what it means to be a “writer” and how that affects what I’m doing

As I’m posting this update here on the old blog, I am feeling pretty good about the new ideas that are forming. The big win has been the new website at functioning as a “personal knowledge base / publishing platgform”. I really like it, and see lots of ways to improve on it.

I’m planning on writing an end-of-year summary sometime between now and the end of January before GHDR 2023 begins. A preliminary goal for 2023 is to make it the year of making software to automate the PDF generation at a level of quality that makes me happy. That would be a great foundation for building products. I feel that the productivity systems I’ve been building for myself are at the point where I am seeing how I’d build them into an app that is more than just a bunch of boxes with text in them. I think that it will be a year of building an expedition team too, based on the ideas about “The Public Square” I wrote about a few months ago.

Anyway, here’s the report!

» DRAFT December Report: A New Roadmap

I have a new Mastodon account! You can find me at I finally wrote an #introduction post so I think it’s finally official :-)