Yearly Updates of ETP Journal, Compact Calendar

Yearly Updates of ETP Journal, Compact Calendar

I’ve finally gotten around to making the yearly updates to The Compact Calendar and ETP Journal (paid download).


Compact Calendar 2023 Head on over to the Compact Calendar page and download this year’s packages. As usual, they are in an editable Excel format and include two years in PDF form (both A4 and US paper sizes).

I’ve made some improvements to the Excel file itself to make it easier to update, and new for the US version is the inclusion of the new Juneteenth Federal Holiday.


ETP Journal 2023 Shop Listing Also I’ve updated the 365-page Emergent Task Planner Journal for 2023. This comes in two packages for US and A4 paper sizes, including a full-size and half-size version in color and a weight-adjusted monochrome version. I’m charging $20 per package of 12 files. The other way you can get it is to become a $1 Patreon supporter, which gets you the paid stuff as well as the free stuff I make. A few people have, um, “saved money” by subscribing for a month and then immediately cancelled. This is fine; it’s interesting to see how many people have availed themselves of this to get a sense of the perceived value of my work.

This might be the last year I make this journal with the current process because it’s pretty tedious. Hopefully in 2023 I’ll develop the dynamic layout tools I’ve been dithering on for years so customization is much easier!

In Other News

I’m wrapping up this year’s Groundhog Day Resolutions over on my new site at While the final report of the year is posted, I’d like to do a year end review as well. A lot of huge insights this year, particularly with regards to recognizing ADHD and ASD traits as persistent blockers that I can now work around.

I’m well into my 2023 planning, which I’m doing with a bunch of regulars over on the DS|CAFE Virtual Coworking Discord. Come on by and plan the new year with us, share your experience and tips, and enjoy our collective company! :-)