Nanowrimo 2023 Word Counting Calendar Update

Nanowrimo 2023 Word Counting Calendar Update

"Word Count Progress Calendar for Nanowrimo 2023"

For 2023 I’ve updated the Word Counting Progress Calendar. It’s a functional visual progress counter for Nanowrimo participants who like to fill in progress graphs to pace themselves.

  • Fill-in the approximate amount of words you are writing every day to get a sense of your pacing.
  • Record your daily word counts and fill-in the number of boxes for each day (each box represents 250 words).
  • As time goes on you can see the filled-in blocks turn into a progress graph.
  • Summarize your weekly word totals and get a sense if you’re on-track to hit your 50,000 word goal!

For 2023 there are six color variations::

You might want to bookmark the official word counting calendar page, which is updated every year to reflect the current calendar around this time every year.


Thanks to Jess for pointing out that 2017 was the same for 2023, saving me oodles of time!


  1. Anni 7 months ago

    thank you! these are truly a delight. I love the clean structure and format.

    • Author
      Sri 7 months ago

      Thank you for the kind words, Anni! ❤️ Have a good nanowrimo!