Contact DSri

I had to close my contact form due to spam and fraudulent activity outnumbering legitimate requests by 1000 to 1. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Right now, the best way to reach me is through social media:

  • Message me on Twitter or Mastadon.
  • Visit my Patreon page and leave a comment on a post.
  • Visit my Coworking Discord server and DM me there.
  • If you want to connect via LinkedIn, you must chat with me first so I know who you are. I don’t accept invites from people I do not know to maintain the integrity of my network. I’m really easy to talk to. Just contact me via one of the above methods and ask a question!

Please Note: I have changed my professional name to “DSri” (informally spelled “Sri” and always pronounced Sreeeee in a gleeful manner). I use they/them pronouns and do not identify as male. I still answer to “Dave” because people have known me by that name for so long, but I really prefer Sri.


Ways to Show Appreciation

Numerous people have told me that they want to show appreciation for my work, so here are some ways you can make my day!

Tell me about how your using my tools

You might be surprised at how little feedback I get on my work. Maybe two or three contacts a year. I love to hear about other people's lives and how apply something I've written or made into it ❤️

Send me a Tip or Buy me a Ko-Fi

If you'd like to leave a tip in thanks for my online work or writing with money, you can use my PayPal Tip Jar or Ko-Fi Page Make sure you leave a message on one of the social media contacts otherwise I won't know you tipped me.

Become a Patreon monthly supporter

You can pledge a small amount per month (US$1 and up) via my Patreon page. There are additional perks, such as getting a special purple name in the Discord chat room, but I'm happy if you enjoy the room enough to stick around and add to the conversation.

Or buy something!

I sell high-quality printed versions of my work on Amazon USA through my Functional Stationery brand. I also sell some digital versions on my Shopify store.