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I do not accept advertising or guest content.

Thanks to 1000s of daily spam messages and dozens of marketers with no respect for my time, my contact email inbox is absolutely useless. Now the best way to reach me is through one of the following social media networks:

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please note that I do not accept friend requests on LinkedIn or Facebook from people I don’t know. Instead, try sending me a message on Twitter, Discord, or my Facebook page first. Just say hi and tell me what’s on your mind, and let the conversation begin!

Other Ways to Contribute

I'm told that sometimes people want to show their appreciation for my work, so I've made the following three options available!

Tip through PayPalMe

If you'd like to leave a tip in thanks for my online work or writing, you can use my PayPal Tip Jar and leave me a message!

Buy me a Ko-Fi

There's also Ko-Fi, the idea being that you buy me a virtual coffee (US$ 3.00)and presumably some day we'll meet in person and I'll return the favor! I very much like this idea! Visit Dave's Ko-Fi Page

Support my work on Patreon

You can pledge a small amount per month (US$1 and up) via my Patreon page. There are additional perks, such as getting a special purple name in the Discord chat room, but I'm happy if you enjoy the room enough to stick around and add to the conversation.

Or buy something!

I sell high-quality printed versions of my work on Amazon USA through my Functional Stationery brand. I also sell some digital versions on my Shopify store.