Updated Compact Calendar for 2022-2023

Updated Compact Calendar for 2022-2023

"Compact Calendar for 2022" I’ve updated the Compact Calendar download packages, which contains PDF calendars for both 2022 and 2023 as well as the source Excel files that I use to generate each calendar from any arbitrary starting date. These are great calendars to have handy for planning meetings or any kind of visualization of time. Because there are no gaps between the months, it’s easier to grasp a project in terms of weeks. ISO week numbering is included in the week starting Monday versions.

New for 2022

Notable this year are several bug fixes in the Excel files, reported by Alex Ruiz:

  • Multiple styling problems for the bottom six months. Conditional styling was applied on alternating rows instead of every row.
  • Pointing out that “16 month calendar” is more properly called “18 month” or even “19 month” calendar, as it is a year and a half.

Thanks Alex! These bugs have been in the Compact Calendar for years, and it is nice to get feedback on them to continue to improve them.