Nanowrimo 2022 Word Counting Calendar Update

Nanowrimo 2022 Word Counting Calendar Update

"Word Count Progress Calendar for Nanowrimo 2022"

It’s almost time for Nanowrimo again! For 2022 I’ve updated the Word Counting Progress Calendar for those of you out there who are looking for a functional visual progress counter! It’s designed so you can easily fill-in the approximate amount of words you are writing every day to get a sense of your pacing. Just record your daily word counts and fill-in the number of boxes for each day (each box represents 250 words). Some days you’ll write more, some days less…as time goes on you can see the filled-in blocks turn into a progress graph. There’s a place where you can summarize your weekly word totals and get a sense if you’re on-track to hit your 50,000 word goal!

For 2022 there are six color variations::

You might want to bookmark the official word counting calendar page, which is updated every year to reflect the current calendar around this time every year.



  1. Dorothy 2 years ago

    I love this calendar! I’ve used one for at least 7 years. I’ve shown them to members of our region and a lot of people like them! It’s ridiculous how inspiring it is. I will always keep writing to earn another box to color! It really is a joy to me. Thank you so much for making this. And giving it to us all for free is so nice! Thank you very much!

    • Author
      Sri 2 years ago

      Aw, that is super nice of you to tell me how you like the calendar! I’m glad you are continuing to use it, and thanks so much for telling me! ❤️

  2. Mordechai 2 years ago

    Hey David, Love your work, it’s inspiring. I tried to get this file and the link is broken. I did find it on the “official word counting calendar page” though.

    • Author
      Sri 2 years ago

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Lisa 2 years ago

    Hello, this calendar is great! I teach middle school and I do nanowrimo with them. This is my 5th year (I think) teaching. I would love to use this calendar but 50,000 words isn’t even close to what my students can do. Could you possibly make a student version that the pyramid on each day is for increments of 50?


    • Author
      Sri 2 years ago

      Hi Lisa!

      You’re the first person in a while to mention they could use a shorter calendar! I won’t be able to get to it this year in all likelihood, but if you can let me know what a suitable number range would be I can try to plan for that next year.

  4. Lisa 2 years ago

    Oh shoot, I meant to say. 50 or 100 would be better for my students. Most of them are asking 3000 to 9000 total. Thank you for considering it! Lisa