Announcement: Removing FeedPress and Newsletter Support

Announcement: Removing FeedPress and Newsletter Support

I’ve been using FeedPress for years, but the service itself seems to be running on life support while also increasing in price. I’d rather put that money into a service that is more creator-focused, maybe SubStack or something like that.

If you have an email subscription to this blog, it will be going away. The RSS feed will continue to work, but will not have the fancy formatting it used to have. Should I replace the email newsletter functionality with something else, I’ll post on Twitter (assuming it is still around), Mastodon, and on this site.


  1. Bryan Prosser 1 year ago

    I have been following your creativity since 2018. Love watching your process. Thanks for sharing so transparently.

    • Author
      Sri 1 year ago

      Thanks Bryan! ❤️ Hopefully I’ll be able to restore the email service so you can continue to follow along!