Restocking Amazon ETP Notebooks, StickyNotes, and Pads

Restocking Amazon ETP Notebooks, StickyNotes, and Pads

"Amazon Unfulfillment" If you’ve been looking for the Amazon-fulfilled Emergent Task Planner Notebooks, StickyNotes, or Planner Pads, you’ve probably noticed that they are out-of-stock and have been for a while. You can sign up to be notified when stock is available again using the form at the bottom of this page.


The primary issue is that Amazon is an automated marketplace that OWNS THE LISTINGS, not me. They can take them down at any moment for any reason; I can’t even edit them once someone else resells any of my products (for example, an Amazon Warehouse sale of a returned product). As a result, I get locked out of my own product listings or challenged on copyright by bots. Also, the automated listing bots that flood Amazon with hundreds of duplicate registered products from Chinese OEMs sometimes will infringe on my UPC code, and since my ETP brands are no registered trademarks they override the listing and steal it. Amazon customer support applies to customers who buy from Amazon, and does not extend to small sellers like myself that are not able to join the Amazon Brand Registry with the US registration. I

While I’d like to fulfill myself, I am unable to do so because it would mean losing a lot of money. Shipping is a time-consuming and exhausting process with all the triple-checking and looking-up of data, and I don’t have room in my house to store the hundreds of ship-ready packages I would need to stock. Someday maybe I’ll get there, but in the meantime I need a reliable fulfillment center that let’s me own my listings.

This summer (2022) I should be between projects, and I plan on taking a long sabbatical to figure out this ecommerce thing so I am no longer dependent on Amazon’s marketplace.

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