Virtual Coworking with Dave


I’m a freelancer living outside of a large city, and I haven’t found a good place locally where I can feel connected to other creative mastery-seeking people. I started a virtual coworking experiment in 2016 to see if I could make something that merged work with community.

There have been three parts to my experiment:

  • The Virtual Coworking Chat Room on Discord – an online work-focused chat room with voice and text channels. We have regular members from around the world.
  • Work Livestream – I occasionally stream my work to YouTube, typically either graphic design or javascript application development.
  • Living Room Cafe – I have been converting my living room into a cafe-like environment for hosting local meetups. I’ve also streamed work collaborations from time-to-time; this is very much a work in progress.

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Virtual Coworking Chat

The Coworking Chat is the main coworking experience, and is organized to allow you to choose the level of distraction you need to have a good work day.

Discord Chat Room Hosted on Discord, the chat room includes areas for socializing and group discussion when you need a break. Chat with other members to get their perspective on work and life. We’re a friendly, thoughtful bunch!

Chat Room Operations

About Us

The DS | CAFE is a virtual coworking space designed to provide the human connection you need to be productive. It’s designed to support people who WANT TO DO THINGS in a friendly, non-judgemental space. It’s a place where people can “talk shop” about the pursuit of personal and professional goals, whatever they may be.

The idea is to provide “the right level of distraction” you need to have a productive day. For example, you can choose to be in an accomplishment-focused room like #work_done, a more conversational one like #work_doing, or just take a break and gab about anything in social #chat. Read the description for the room you are in for etiquette of each area, or just ask in #chat.

We strongly suggest muting all channels and disabling notifications so you are not constantly alerted about new messages outside the room you are in. See the #welcome_guide on the chat server for more information.

Our Three Main Chat Groups

Currently we have the following three groups of chat rooms.

  1. WATERCOOLER / SOCIAL – A place to hang out before (and after) working. Or just to chill out and gab about any topic. Please do redirect lengthy topical discussion to one of the DISCUSS IN DEPTH chat rooms to be considerate of others.
  2. WORK / GOALS / PROJECTS – When you are ready to work, join these channels. #work_doing is a good starting place where you can post anything that is about what you are actively doing at the moment.
  3. DISCUSS IN DEPTH – For detailed conversations that might otherwise overwhelm the general #chat and #work_doing rooms. Also, for asking questions of any kind.

NOTE: There is a description for each chat room at the top of the screen. Please read them for an idea of the etiquette and expectations for each room.

Server Values and Etiquette

  • Practice Tolerance and Inclusivity – Be aware that we have a diverse range of members: Christian ministers, atheist, technical people, artists, gamers, businesspeople, queer folk, etc. from all around the world. All are welcome to discuss our shared interests and common humanity in a tolerant and kindly manner.
  • Maintain a Positive Environment – This is a supportive, thoughtful forum where people can be themselves. Be mindful of making sweeping arguments or observations. You can use qualifiers such as “in my experience” as a way to qualify the scope of your observations without compromising the strength of your opinion. Idle disparagement made in a joking manner can still create conflict; remember text-only chat does not convey your emotional intent very well.
  • Links go in #linkshare to minimize distraction – Our main rule is not to post photos or video links (any media link) in the #chat and #work_doing rooms. Please post those in #linkshare. You may post links that are relevant to the current topic if you wrap the link in , which prevents the link from auto-expanding in the chat text.
  • Watch your Venting – If you are having a bad day and must vent, please preface your post with VENTING, which indicates to us that you are just blowing off steam.
  • Lurkers welcome! – Lurking is completely OK if that’s what you need to be productive! We will greet you and ask where you’re located when you first join the server; after that we will leave you alone :smiley: If you would like to get to know us, just join #chat and ask a question like “hi! where is everyone from?” or “what are you working on?” and see what happens!

For More Information, Sign In

The chat room’s supporting tools (i.e. shared documents, member ranks) are described in the #welcome_guide channel. The latest version of this document is also located there.

You can access the chat room from a web browser or mobile device! You’ll need to create a user account on Discord. Follow this link to start the signup process and join the coworking chat:


Livestreamed Work Sessions

To supplement the coworking experience I occasionally livestream my coworking sessions on YouTube.

Dave's YouTube Channel There are two main kinds of streams I do:

  • Longer VIRTUAL COWORKING streams of me narrating my work as I do it. They are typically between 1-4 hours. The activities I typically stream are programming, graphic design, decluttering, and writing long blog posts.
  • Shorter WHATS UP DAVE, talking about what’s been going on with me, doing a “show and tell” of stuff I’m looking at, and sharing useful tidbits gleaned from the Chat Room.

The streams are archived in my channel playlists.



Links to Virtual Coworking


Discord is a modern chat client with voice support, and is free. Join our chat room by clicking the link above, which will redirect you to Discord. You must create a Discord user account then visit to sign-in.

2. YouTube Coworking Videos

The Virtual Coworking Playlist archives past livestreams, which are good for background noise. Browse my channel for other topical videos (e.g. doing graphic design).


3. YouTube Coworking Livestream

If I’m live on YouTube, this link takes you directly to the stream:


4. Patreon Supporters

The coworking chatroom is also an extension of my public design work in the productivity tools / personal development space. If you have been using my work for a while or just want to help support what I’m building, consider following along on Patreon!

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