DSri’s Virtual Coworking Cafe

About the DS|CAFE Coworking Discord

The DS|CAFE Discord is a virtual office that has became a virtual coworking space in 2016. It’s designed to provide “the right level of distraction” you need to have a productive day with the option of sharing our interests with each other.

What is it For?

Hanging out and working on stuff together is more fun than working alone! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

We strive to make the DS/CFE a friendly and thoughtful space. There is no restriction on the kind of work or projects. Working on some code? Writing a blog post? Cleaning your house? Trying a new recipe? We like hearing about it all! In addition to the work-focused rooms we have “after work” and “long form discussion” areas to cover different interests.

What are the People Like?

We have a diverse range of interests and nationalities. In general the vibe is being conscientious, curious, considerate, self-empowered and positive-minded. Our regular participants tend to be inquisitive project-minded people who love sharing what they are learning and making.

Lurkers are welcome! Come and go as you please, read and share what’s interesting to you. We encourage people to experiment with new ways of working together.

Our Main Chat Areas

When you first connect to the server, you’ll be asked to first read the community guidelines and then click an emoji ๐Ÿ‘ to reveal the Coworking part of the server. The coworking area consists of:

  • Our general #chat, where you can introduce yourself and ask questions.
  • Voice chat rooms Workalong and the related #workalong-notes chat room where people in voice chat can type.

Every room has a description at the top of the screen next to the channel name. It will tell you the room purpose and provide additional guidelines, if any.


Chat Room Guidelines

Here is a short version of our Chat Room Guidelines. For the full one, browse through the #welcome guide and click the links to the various sections.

  • Remember this is a PUBLIC discord! – What you post here can be read by anyone who joins. Therefore, be conscientious about posting personal information about yourself or other people without full knowledge and consent. If you want to repost something with attribution, ask permission first!
  • Practice Tolerance and Inclusivity – Be aware that we have a diverse range of members: Christian ministers, atheist, technical people, artists, gamers, businesspeople, LGBTQ+, etc. of all ages from all around the world. All are welcome to discuss our shared interests and common humanity in a tolerant and kindly manner.
  • Maintain a Positive Environment – This is a supportive, thoughtful forum where people can be themselves. Be mindful of making sweeping arguments or observations. You can use qualifiers such as “in my experience” as a way to qualify the scope of your observations without compromising the strength of your opinion. Idle disparagement made in a joking manner can still create conflict; remember text-only chat does not convey your emotional intent very well.
  • Links go in #linkshare to minimize distraction – Our main rule is not to post photos or video links (any media link) in the #chat room. Please post those in #links-and-pics. You may post plain text links in the course of conversation by wrapping the URL in angle brackets (<>).
  • Signal that you are Venting –Having a bad day and want to vent? Preface your post with VENT, which tells everyone that you are just blowing off steam and this is not your normal state :-)
  • Lurkers are welcome! – Lurking is completely OK if that’s what you need to be productive! We will leave you alone after an initial greeting :smiley: You also are not required to use video (or your microphone, for that matter) if you are in a chat room; your ghostly presence will still add to the feeling of people being around.

For Up-to-Date Information, Sign In

The chat room’s supporting tools (i.e. shared documents, member ranks) are described in the #welcome channel. The latest version of this document is also located there.

You can access the chat room from a web browser or mobile device! You’ll need to create a user account on Discord. Follow this link to start the signup process and join the coworking chat: https://davidseah.com/discord


Join the DS|CAFE!

Join Sri's Virtual Coworking Cafe

ยป Join by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/UpGsuPxkDm

Discord is a modern chat designed for communities. It is somewhat similar to Slack in appearance and operation. If you don’t already have a Discord account (free), you will be asked to create one.

If you have trouble connecting to the server via the link, try logging into Discord at https://discord.com, login, and then ADD SERVER using this invite code:


Patreon Supporters

The coworking chatroom is also an extension of my public design work in the productivity tools / personal development space. If you have been using my work for a while or just want to help support what I’m building, consider following along on Patreon!

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