Virtual Coworking with Dave

As a freelancer, I miss the sound of other people working. Because my home town is too small to support a real coworking community, I’ve made this virtual coworking space on the Discord chat server.

The coworking chat room started in August 2016, and today we have people from around the world interacting regularly with each other. It’s great if you are comfortable typing conversationally and are already online all day!

The Chat Room

Discord Chat Room The Discord Chat anchors our coworking experience, and is organized to allow you to choose the level of distraction you need to have a good work day. It includes areas for socializing and group discussion.

We have quite a range of solo and remote workers of all levels of expertise, which makes me very happy. If you are a conscientious, kind, self-empowered sort of person, you’ll probably fit right in.

Quick Chat Room Tips

  • If you want to be extremely focused on banging out tasks, keep thing terse and to-the-point in the #work_log channel.
  • If you want some noise around you, join either the Quiet Work or Noisy Work voice channels. Make sure to have a good noise-cancelling microphone or wear headphones!
  • A description of all the text and voice chat channels is in the #welcome_guide channel upon logging-in to the chat room.
  • You are welcome to lurk by setting your status to “invisible”, but I encourage you to just say “hello” every once in a while.

Livestreamed Work Sessions

Dave's YouTube Channel To supplement the coworking experience I do livestreaming on YouTube. There are two main kinds of streams I do:

During the work week I stream a 15-minute WHATS UP DAVE, talking about what’s been going on with me, doing a “show and tell” of stuff I’m looking at, and sharing useful tidbits gleaned from the Chat Room. If you are a chatroom regular or patron, you can also talk to me live on-stream!

My VIRTUAL COWORKING streams are longer sessions of me narrating my actual work. They are typically between 1-4 hours. The activities I typically stream are programming, graphic design, decluttering, and writing long blog posts.



Links to Virtual Coworking


Discord is a modern chat client with voice support, and is free. Join our chat room by clicking the link above. Create a Discord user account then visit to sign-in. If you need to re-enter an invite code, use this one: rzYwKVv


2. YouTube Coworking Videos

The Virtual Coworking Playlist archives past livestreams, which are good for background noise. Browse my channel for other topical videos (e.g. doing graphic design).


3. YouTube Coworking Livestream

If I’m live on YouTube, this link takes you directly to the stream:


4. Patreon Supporters

The coworking chatroom is also an extension of my public design work in the productivity tools / personal development space. If you have been using my work for a while or just want to help support what I’m building, consider following along on Patreon!

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