A Curated Selection of Posts

I’ve started to put together This page highlights some of my more interesting articles. It’s a work in progress.

A Product A Day Challenge

Index Card Docks Production RunIn February 2013, I challenged myself to make a new product every day for 30 days. Check out the link to see all thirty.

Ideas and Concepts

Procrastinator'The Procrastinator’s Clock – If you’re the sort of procrastinator who tries to be on time, this anxiety-inducing clock application in Flash just might help you out.

The ListRegift Receipt – The tradition of gift giving brings with it the tradition of returns. Make it easier by including one of these regift receipts with your present. Perfect for office parties where you don’t give a crap!

Chain BreakerChain Letter Breaker – Hate chain letters, but still feel compelled to do something about the negative energy they carry? This printable certificate affirms that you are one of many who stand tall and officially absolves you of any responsibility.

The Social Yardstick [folded]The Social Yardstick – Are your coworkers secretly dating? Find out with the Social Yardstick!

Index Card ScabbardGauntlet of Productivity – For advanced productivity nerds who aren’t seeking a significant other any time soon, gird ye this note-keeping contraption to your arm, and never lose your notes again.

Is it Meat? Or is it Sweet?Thanksgiving Meat Cake – A culinary project to make a delightful cake out of meat patties, with mashed potato frosting garnished with cranberries. As inspired by the original meat cake.

Taco Stack InfographicOptimal Taco Ingredient Stacking Infographic – Making a mess of my first taco-making experience, I wondered if there was a better way.

Gun Safety PosterSafe Shootin’, Pardner – As a boy, I was fascinated by guns. Being the son of a missionary didn’t give me the opportunity to learn about them until I was in my late 30s; I wrote about the experience and designed a gun safety poster to share.

PowerPoint ResumeA Better Resume…in PowerPoint – Want to make a nice looking resume, but don’t have fancy design software? If you’ve got Microsoft PowerPoint, you might give that a try! See this sample layout.

Visualizing on Paper

World Domination: Master ViewVisualizing World Domination – When you’re ready to launch your personal adventure, it helps to have a good map because you can see what you’ll be facing. Here’s how I started with one of mine.

Wanting Versus Doing: Dream Context TrackerWanting versus Doing – How does one visualize movement toward a dream?

Daily Loss of Momentum: Wednesday's JournalDaily Tracking Forms – Visualizing where one’s effort is going.

Bubbling Through: Bubble Plan 2Bubbling Through – Making bubble charts, a form of mind-mapping to create “silos”.

Recentering and Refocusing: Yikes, FEELINGSRecentering and Refocusing – Using index cards to map out inner turmoil into outer focus. Or something.

GHDR Tracker Draft 1Groundhog Day Resolution Tracking Form – This was an experimental form that didn’t really go anywhere, but it ended up being a good synopsis of what was important to me.

Personal / Crafty

I am Not Dave Shea: Dave SeahFYI, I am not Dave Shea – Do you have the problem of being mistaken for someone else? This was once a problem for me, and instead of getting depressed I wrote a helpful guide for the lost.

Vectorizing for Fun and Profit: Master SheetVectorizing for Fun and Profit – An example of the creative visual process, applied to the simple task of tracing a picture of a 50cc scooter. The magical part is seeing how a simple object can be transformed into a fun business card.

Making Wishes on a Star: Tanabata Basil PlantMaking Wishes on a Star – There is a Japanese festival that takes place every July called TANABATA. The gist of it is that you write down wishes for self-improvement on streamers and attach them to bamboo trees, so that they might be granted. Since I don’t have access to the authentic festival experience, I made my own home version with printable streamer sheets.