Nanowrimo 2021 Word Counting Calendars

Nanowrimo 2021 Word Counting Calendars

"Word Count Progress Calendar for Nanowrimo 2021"

November is again upon us, and I have updated the Word Counting Progress Calendar for 2021! This calendar is designed so you can track your progress visually over the course of your novel writing challenge. You record daily word counts and then fill in a number of boxes on each day to indicate roughly how many words you wrote. You can also summarize your weekly word totals as well. As time goes by, each day shows you how much effort went into the day.

There are six color variations and you can download the files from here.

You might want to bookmark the official word counting calendar page, which is updated every year to reflect the current calendar. It also has more explanation.


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  1. Donald Wheeler 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing these, Dave/Sri! Very much appreciated!