• GHDR Weekly Review 8.5 – Another Frustrating Week and a Crash

    November 12, 2018

    Dealing with Burnout Hiya! It’s week four of using the new review format, and I think this might go pretty fast. The past week was a low productivity week due to the high number of social interactions (including voting on Tuesday) combined with a midweek drive to the North Shore of Boston for personal errands. By Friday I was completely frazzled and unable to focus. This transformed into depression that lingered into Saturday, when I decided I should take a COMPLETE BREAK from work and related productive activities. I played a lot of Destiny 2.

    As I look back at the records I have for the week, I’m struck by how DISTANT those memories seem. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about them?

    Let’s gather and review the data, and see how I’m doing on my goals.


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  • 2018 Goals Review 09: Frustration Gives Way to Acceptance

    November 11, 2018

    Green Screen Possibilities Happy Veterans Day, US Citizens! It also happens to be my 9th Groundhog Resolutions Monthly Review Day for 2018. Since I’ve been doing weekly reviews, I’ve been able to condense this report somewhat.

    In summary: it’s been a busy and frustrating month, but the big picture takeaway is that it was actually a pretty decent month. I was frustrated for much of it, but in hindsight I think I know what went wrong:

    • I didn’t give myself the time to learn difficult new things. I assumed they should take me a week at most, not 4 weeks.
    • I scheduled too many long-distant errands in the middle of the week, and didn’t account for the recovery time I needed to get my head back in the game.

    I think my main takeaway is similar to last month’s GHDR report: I am doing OK if I allow myself the time and space to believe it. Currently I have the luxury of time without hard deadlines, and it is good to take the time to do things well the first time.

    Let’s see how the month went! (more…)

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  • GHDR Weekly Review 8.4 – Pushing Toward Tomorrow

    November 4, 2018

    Moving Toward Tomorrow Hey everyone! It’s week three of using the new review format. In summary, it’s been a eventful week for my personal stuff, but pretty uninspiring from the work side of things. I’m still spinning my wheels getting my head around the esoteric bits of Webpack so it works with our weird requirements. It has been very frustrating. I also am feeling like I am overcommitted, though it doesn’t feel like I’ve even made any commitments.

    I am looking toward thiscoming week with hope that I can just make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. Today’s image captures my feeling; it’s taken from my favorite spot at the local Starbucks, looking over the parking lot on a rainy day.


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  • GHDR Weekly Review 8.3 – The Average Week

    October 29, 2018

    An Average Week, like this sad garlic hummus Starting with the question How did the week feel: I declare that the week of October 22-28 felt average, which to me means mediocre and unexciting, and therefore is something of a let down. Nothing big was achieved. I don’t have a sense of closure or victory or achievement. In that sense, it was sort of a sucky week. though I do know that I made progress on work. It was about as satisfying as the extremely average garlic hummus I had from a local Greek Gyro place.

    For this GHDR weekly review, I’m using the process I made-up last week:

    October Review Checklist (more…)

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  • Updated Nanowrimo 2018 Word Counting Calendar for November!

    October 22, 2018

    2018 Word Counting Calendar for Tracking Nanowrimo Progress I’ve updated the popular Word Counting Calendar for Nanowrimo, the international novel writing push undertaken every November. It’s based on the 12-month calendar I make every year; it’s currently marked down to US$2.00 when you use the CALENDAR-MISER discount code on my shop because there’s only a couple of months left in the year.

    You can download the regular version on my site at or head over to my Patreon profile to grab pretty colored Nanowrimo Calendar] shown above. They’re both free, and the downloads also include the 5000 word kid version that was requested last year.

    I really like this calendar for the way it shows your progress daily. I usually update the 12 month version in December, and this year I may make the calendar more useful for tracking more kinds of efforts beyond words. If anyone has some ideas on what they’d like to see, leave a comment!


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