• All Groundhog Day Resolutions Reports

    January 31, 2023

    This is a work-in-progress list of all Groundhog Day Resolutions kickoff posts since 2007. There are a lot more posts than this, but it will take some time to gather them into some kind of order that makes sense.

    1. 2007 – Groundhog Day Resolutions
    2. 2008 – Ground Hog Day Resolutions for 2008
    3. 2009 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2009: Kickoff!
    4. 2010 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2010: Kickoff
    5. 2011 – Groundhog Day Resolutions for 2011: System
    6. 2012 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2012
    7. 2013 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2013: Kick Off!
    8. 2014 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2014: Kick Off!
    9. 2015 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2015: Kick Off
    10. 2016 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2016
    11. 2017 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2017
    12. 2018 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2018
    13. 2019 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2019
    14. 2020 – NOT Groundhog Day Resolutions 2020
    15. 2021 – About Groundhog Day Resolutions
    16. 2022 – Groundhog Day Resolutions 2022
    17. 2023 – TBD
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    DSri Seah
  • Yearly Updates of ETP Journal, Compact Calendar

    December 29, 2022

    I’ve finally gotten around to making the yearly updates to The Compact Calendar and ETP Journal (paid download).


    Compact Calendar 2023 Head on over to the Compact Calendar page and download this year’s packages. As usual, they are in an editable Excel format and include two years in PDF form (both A4 and US paper sizes).

    I’ve made some improvements to the Excel file itself to make it easier to update, and new for the US version is the inclusion of the new Juneteenth Federal Holiday.


    ETP Journal 2023 Shop Listing Also I’ve updated the 365-page Emergent Task Planner Journal for 2023. This comes in two packages for US and A4 paper sizes, including a full-size and half-size version in color and a weight-adjusted monochrome version. I’m charging $20 per package of 12 files. The other way you can get it is to become a $1 Patreon supporter, which gets you the paid stuff as well as the free stuff I make. A few people have, um, “saved money” by subscribing for a month and then immediately cancelled. This is fine; it’s interesting to see how many people have availed themselves of this to get a sense of the perceived value of my work.

    This might be the last year I make this journal with the current process because it’s pretty tedious. Hopefully in 2023 I’ll develop the dynamic layout tools I’ve been dithering on for years so customization is much easier!

    In Other News

    I’m wrapping up this year’s Groundhog Day Resolutions over on my new site at While the final report of the year is posted, I’d like to do a year end review as well. A lot of huge insights this year, particularly with regards to recognizing ADHD and ASD traits as persistent blockers that I can now work around.

    I’m well into my 2023 planning, which I’m doing with a bunch of regulars over on the DS|CAFE Virtual Coworking Discord. Come on by and plan the new year with us, share your experience and tips, and enjoy our collective company! :-)

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    DSri Seah
  • GHDR 2022: December Report

    December 21, 2022

    Working on ETT Prototypes photo: I resurrected the double-sided Emergent Task Timer 15m tracker for a friend in the coworking Discord server. I think it’s promising.

    I forgot to post the link to the December Report. It’s still in draft form but I think it conveys the gist of what was on my mind:

    • letting the insights about ADHD and ASD effects sink in
    • acknowledge that there is still hard stuff to do that I haven’t really addressed
    • thinking about what it means to be a “writer” and how that affects what I’m doing

    As I’m posting this update here on the old blog, I am feeling pretty good about the new ideas that are forming. The big win has been the new website at functioning as a “personal knowledge base / publishing platgform”. I really like it, and see lots of ways to improve on it.

    I’m planning on writing an end-of-year summary sometime between now and the end of January before GHDR 2023 begins. A preliminary goal for 2023 is to make it the year of making software to automate the PDF generation at a level of quality that makes me happy. That would be a great foundation for building products. I feel that the productivity systems I’ve been building for myself are at the point where I am seeing how I’d build them into an app that is more than just a bunch of boxes with text in them. I think that it will be a year of building an expedition team too, based on the ideas about “The Public Square” I wrote about a few months ago.

    Anyway, here’s the report!

    » DRAFT December Report: A New Roadmap

    I have a new Mastodon account! You can find me at I finally wrote an #introduction post so I think it’s finally official :-)

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    DSri Seah
  • GHDR 2022: November Report

    December 1, 2022

    Chemistry Cat Contemplates The Science of Catnip by Aja TrierThis amazing print by Aja Trier is called Chemistry Cat Contemplates The Science of Catnip. It seemed kind of relatable, but mostly I just love Chemistry Cat and this framed print lives rent-free on my wall and in my heart <3


    The November Report is super super late. I’ve been working on it for weeks trying to make sense of an extremely depressing and demotivating month, but I have turned a corner and can see some sunshine ahead. It’s long and rambly, but you should have seen it BEFORE…

    » DRAFT November Report: Battling Impairment, Finding Heart

    Also, I have a new Mastodon account! You can find me at

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    DSri Seah
  • Nanowrimo 2022 Word Counting Calendar Update

    October 24, 2022

    "Word Count Progress Calendar for Nanowrimo 2022"

    It’s almost time for Nanowrimo again! For 2022 I’ve updated the Word Counting Progress Calendar for those of you out there who are looking for a functional visual progress counter! It’s designed so you can easily fill-in the approximate amount of words you are writing every day to get a sense of your pacing. Just record your daily word counts and fill-in the number of boxes for each day (each box represents 250 words). Some days you’ll write more, some days less…as time goes on you can see the filled-in blocks turn into a progress graph. There’s a place where you can summarize your weekly word totals and get a sense if you’re on-track to hit your 50,000 word goal!

    For 2022 there are six color variations::

    You might want to bookmark the official word counting calendar page, which is updated every year to reflect the current calendar around this time every year.


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