Groundhog Day Resolutions 2018

"Groundhog by Pearson Scott Foreman"Groundhog Day Resolutions are like New Year Resolutions except they start on February 2nd because frankly I’M JUST NOT READY TO MAKE ANY PROMISES ON JANUARY 1? I’m tired and still catching up on all the stuff leftover from last year! Also, I just really love Groundhog Day as a holiday and the themes from the namesake Bill Murray/Andie McDowell movie. And because regular reflection is an important part of maintaining resolutions, I designate “doublet-dates” March 3 (3/3), April 4 (4/4), and so on as Report Days up to December 12, at which I take a break for the holidays. There is also an optional break in July, since the summer here in New England is so short and I want to be outside.

This year’s kickoff post will give you an overview of how I’m approaching GHDRs, though really it’s up to you how you do them. I tend to pick broad strategic goals and run experiments through the year, but that’s just me trying to narrow the gap between what I think I want and what I discover I actually need. The universal part of the system is to remember to do your reviews monthly; the use of “doublet dates” makes that easy to remember.

This is the 12th year of doing GHDRs. If you’d like to follow along with me, you are all invited to join the virtual coworking chat room where I am every day. We are a friendly and encouraging group! This year I’m also going to try to collect links to as many GHDR posters that I come across, because I’ve found it really interesting to compare approaches.

2018 Groundhog Day Resolutions Posts

2016  Summary of 2016
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2018 FEB 02 Kickoff
2018 MAR 03 Report 01

Here’s a list of people who I know are doing GHDRs for 2018 and their kickoff posts!

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