GHDR Weekly Review 8.1 – New Standards and Practices

GHDR Weekly Review 8.1 – New Standards and Practices

Charcoal Peanuts It’s only been a few days since I posted my October 10 Report for Groundhog Day Resolutions, but I want to establish a quicker review process that helps me stay focused. I think the last refactor of my GHDRs makes it possible to do so.

I’m proposing the following format:

  1. Succinctly evaluate how I “feel” about the past week with respect to my current success principles in social, personal, and professional practice.
  2. Evaluate accomplishments with respect to my current activity centers of work, community building, and self care.
  3. Itemize accomplishments and evaluate moral with respect to active projects within each activity center.
  4. Review the week’s #accountability list from the Discord chat room.
  5. Pick active projects for the upcoming project, based on my desire and outside dependencies that set priorities, with nod toward feeling achievement.
  6. Make a short list of milestones for each active project to reach for in the next week.

So let’s see how this goes! The success metric for this new weekly process is to (1) make it faster and more succinct so (2) it’s easier for me (and others) to read.

1. How do I feel about last week vs social, personal, professional practice?

I feel like I didn’t make much progress in the first 5 days of the week. I felt behind.

  • The amount of social activities this week (anything involving leaving the house) seemed to disrupt my ability to work. I tried to get my GHDR report out on 10/10, but the number of social distractions kept me from getting it done until late Wednesday night.

  • I made the decision on Thursday to eliminate as many social commitments as possible, but still attended some. It was good, but I spent Sunday largely doing things for myself. I managed to get some work

2. Activity Center Assessment: Work, Community Building, Self Care

See “COMBOBULATOR::Current Model of Personal Productivity” in accrual log

This is the current list of active projects and focii:

WORK 2018 focus: software dev javascript, stationery

  • NetCreate, MEME, km-ssg
  • Outside help with stationery

COMMUNITY BUILDING 2018 focus: community building, leadership, connection

  • stay connected with other people
  • have living room cafe event host

SELF-CARE 2018 focus: debt reduction, transition, weight loss, household

  • goal: 185 pounds by Feb 2019
  • goal: no business debt by Feb 2019


See “COMBOBULATOR::Active Software Projects” in accrual log

ASSESSMENT: Slow but steady progress. Not under time pressure yet.

  • scanned absorbed and documented Electron tools and how they might be used for our current work.
  • noted updates to older PLAE codebase needed by 2019
  • win Electron tools unlock a whole world of software development
  • idea look into animation libraries (e.g. green sock) to bring HTML5 skills to to level of Flash


See “COMBOBULATOR::Active Business Projects” in accrual log

ASSESSMENT: Reviving. Next week will see more

  • shipped recent refulfillment of full-size Emergent Task Planner notebooks
  • paid down significant chunk of debt, using contract revenue
  • win working with Brenda to define some kind of process together to improve stationery business
  • working nanowrimo word counting calendar for november
  • suspended all blogging/streaming activities that drive business interest, but it needs a revamp anyway. Related to KM-SSG.
  • idea talk to local bookkeeper, or find amazon inventory expert


See “COMBOBULATOR::Community-building Projects” in accrual log

ASSESSMENT: A lot of friend time this past week, taking away time from work and leading to frustration. My minimum interaction requirements were hit quite early on, and I feel I want to limit it thiscoming week to make a big dent in other areas.

  • coworking the Discord coworking chatroom now says hi to new visitors, which makes place seem more alive.
  • friends food, good discussions, watching TV with. games with cousins.
  • hermit I opted-out of several bigger events this past week, as I did not feel I had the energy to deal with it.
  • idea Want to have more events in living room cafe, but don’t have the energy for it.


See “COMBOBULATOR::Self Care Projects” in accrual log

ASSESSMENT: A lot of time spent on transition, and new projects in work have allowed significant pay-down in debt. Household has been neglected, however. Put soe

  • win big paydowns on credit card debt, on track to wipe it out by 2019
  • win acceptance of transition status followed by relief, and starting of new stage
  • stuck the house needs cleaning to be able to do more social things
  • idea maybe I should hire an actual maid?
  • priority also need to do major reduction in junk in basement, master bedroom, before Thanksgiving.
  • idea life budgeting for age 70. Look at what those numbers would be.

Accountability Task List for last week

ASSESSMENT: Work, blog post were major accomplishments. Dragging on chores and self-care. Try to knock one of them off next week. Have not been able to start diet OR cardio.

[x] - start ELECTRON-PROTO
[~] - start UR LIB
[x] - GHDR review for October
[x] - GHDR weekly
[x] - > reconstruct sara's site
[>] - > reconstruct don's site
[>] - > reconstruct robert's site
[x] - nanowrimo calendar (part 1)
[>] ->> deal with utility bill in-person
[x] - TUE boot shopping
[x] - WED 800AM blood test
[x] - THU 1430 kate video stuff
[x] - THU 1900 electrolysis
[>] - clean upstairs bathroom
[F] - cardio 3x
[2] - advanced technology 2x
/// - diet and exercise

Activities for Week of OCT 15

Pick three items for the week to be hit with 15 minutes of effort.

  • Review Utility Bill again
  • Start the business consultation process with Brenda.
  • Get some progress in a working Electron prototype loading out lib.
  • Do Laundry
  • Get some items out of the house
  • Go to the gym
  • Pineapple cakes for Alen
  • Do a day of fasting

Not sure which will happen. Thus concludes my first review in this format; I’m sure it will change next week. It already seems overly long.