• 2018 Goals Review 07: Winning in Hindsight

    September 16, 2018

    This month FLEW BY and I’ve been delayed in putting together my GHDR analysis. My impression is that it was a terrible month, but in hindsight I think I’ve reached an important milestone of acceptance that may reduce the frustration I have been feeling. (more…)

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  • GHDR Weekly Review 6.3 – Constructive Insights

    September 4, 2018

    Happy Weekly Report Day! Last week was frustrating because I had to clear away a lot of unanticipated housekeeping chores before I could get to the “focus” of fixing some code, only to find that it was not fixable in the timeframe I have in mind. However, I did start a new ritual I’m calling CORE HOURS: assigning a tiny block of hours as “focused work hours” every day. Read onward for the details! (more…)

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  • GHDR Weekly Review 6.2 – Compensating for External Motivation

    August 27, 2018

    I’ve been trying to maintain progress on my goals despite a HARD FAIL last week and losing my first draft of this report. The week of August 20 was a mixed bag. While there were several “social wins”, I didn’t make appreciable project on my mail billable tasks. It bothered me that I wasn’t able to make significant headway on them. However, a conversation in our Virtual Coworking Chat got me thinking that maybe effort toward a goal actually counted more than I thought. I firmly believe that meaningful work results only from the production of tangible works that can be shared with others. This underpins my entire creative-productive philosophy strategy! However, until this weekend it wasn’t clear to me that not EVERY hour can be attributed to the the production of a useful artifact. In fact, I was actively thinking that those hours spent producing intangible results were unpleasant inefficiencies to be overcome through process improvement and increased discipline. I have come to believe that this is wrong headed and it just stresses me out for no reason. At least, that is my working theory for the week.

    I am changing my position on productive vs unproductive hours. The time spent lightly exploring without trying to nail down a tangible result IS STILL PRODUCTIVE TIME. It’s enough to just get a SENSE of the task involved without having to NEEDLESSLY FRET about whether I have a solid plan of action right away. In other words, I can give myself the space to approach a task slowly and in layers. My expectation of myself was that (1) I would instantly be able to identify and find a productive course of action that produced intermediate results and that this (2) was proof that I was not an incompetent boob.

    Perhaps I can afford to be kinder to myself. I think that will be the theme of this week! (more…)

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  • Using Alfred to Open Sets of Folders Quickly through Javascript

    August 25, 2018

    Finder Lamentations

    I’ve used/owned Macs since the early 1990s, but used Windows PCs for my serious work until 2013. Last week I discovered Spotlight could quickly open and find files for me without having to dig around in the Finder. Since I don’t like the Finder at all, I was very excited by this and marveled that it had taken me so long to discover it. Sharing this sentiment on twitter, I got a couple interesting responses regarding Alfred, a supercharged version of Spotlight:

    I had heard of Alfred before, but had thought it was somehow related to Ask Jeeves, a search engine from the 1990s that did not impress me. I am easily confused by butler-themed software branding, apparently.

    But I digress. In short: Alfred is great. It’s has a lot more features than Spotlight, and I’m only just starting to dig into them. For now, I’m using it to quickly open applications from the keyboard, which has allowed me to declutter my MacOS Dock so only chat apps (Slack, Discord, etc) are there. Previously, my Dock was loaded with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, a dozen development-related programs, and several audio production tools as well. They are now ALL GONE…so much cleaner!

    I wondered if I could use Alfred’s Workflows to automate opening my essential folders. Usually I have to dig through Finder windows (annoying) or use use Default Folder X to jump to it. The problem with using Default Folder X is that it still opens a Finder window (UGH). Could I use Alfred as a better folder shortcut utility with a bit of custom coding? (more…)

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  • GHDR Weekly Review 6.1 – Conan and the Common Good

    August 20, 2018

    This is the first weekly review following my last Groundhog Day Resolutions Monthly Report #6 on August 8. I had set some goals that seemed pretty achievable at the time:

    • Start using THEMED WORK BLOCKS, which is focused work on a single project at a time. Since I had just finished a major delivery, I thought I had a couple of weeks to work in my important personal projects.
    • I had designated KM/SSG as the theme for this work block. I figured I could use 10 days on this, getting back into the crunch mindset I had described in . This is a hybrid digital workflow/website publishing system to replace multiple thinking/writing tools I use.
    • Additionally, I would allow opportunistic projects to happen so long as they did not require any planning. They had to be instant and in the moment, with a clear result at the end of the project that could be entered in my Accrual Log.

    That ALL GOT TOSSED last week, and I got nothing done. I was feeling pretty terrible about myself today until I started to look deeper at my expectations and the video game CONAN: EXILES. (more…)

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