• Daily 015: The Search for Self (and “Doritos Crunch Nuts”)

    April 10, 2018

    The X in the Hat Happy Monday! This is my twice-a-week report on what I’ve been up to. I’m continuing to do this to test whether this kind of content is (1) interesting to anyone and (2) something worth doing. This one took a long time to write because a lot of stuff happened. The past several days have been quite social, involving direct contact via phone or in-person with a variety of people. I’ve also been doing travel arrangements for my upcoming family trip to Taiwan (eep) and re-establishing contact with dear friends I have not seen in far too long. Productivity-wise, it’s been pretty great! Let’s get into it! (more…)

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  • Daily 014: Soda and Nail Polish Party!

    April 5, 2018

    Super Black Wishful Thinking Hey it’s Thursday, time for another “regular post”. I thought about NOT doing one because I had already posted yesterday’s length Groundhog Day Resolutions Review, which was filled with insights…I was tired! But I got a lot of little errands done today and am FILLED WITH ENERGONS so why the heck not?


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  • 2018 Goals Review 02: Mission-Centered Goals and Bigger Dreams

    April 4, 2018

    "Having the moxie to make a change" Time for my monthly review of yearly goals!. Like last month, I seem to be forgetting what my goals were, which implies that I’m not mindfully following them. That seems BAD. And as I ALSO discovered last month, it appears that my activities just happened to be aligned with the goals once I looked them up to see what they were! I don’t know if this means I’m a GENIUS, just LUCKY, or some form of IDIOT-SAVANT. Let’s dig into the dank underbelly of my goals for the second Groundhog Day Resolution Review of 2018, shall we? (more…)

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  • Daily 013: Coding Clarity, Beautiful Games, Eccentric Projects

    April 2, 2018

    Happy Monday! We’re sticking with the MONDAY/THURSDAY blog update schedule this week. I liked how it went last week, but it takes me a minimum of two weeks to see if a new routine really works. After about 10 days, the novelty has worn off and I can get a better feel for it. Today I’ll review the experiences of the last few days. It’s been a productive weekend! (more…)

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  • Proof of Source for Emergent Task Planner StickyPad

    March 29, 2018
    UPDATE: StickyPads were relisted on Friday morning, though I still don’t have the full story. I have requested them.

    I received a notice from Amazon regarding the ETP StickyPads I sell on their marketplace. Someone complained that the goods I was selling were knockoffs of another brand, and Amazon has de-listed the ETP Stickypads until I appeal the process. The instructions to appeal say to look in a certain menu on the Amazon site, where an appeal button should be. There is no such button to click, so I am replying to the email hoping that it gets to someone before they destroy all the stock I just sent in.

    I’m writing this blog post as part of the proof that I am the designer and manufacturer of the Emergent Task Planner StickyPad. Plus it is kind of an interesting experience to be accused by an angry consumer that I’m knocking off my own product. (more…)

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