Travel Challenge: October 2015

"Taiwan Trip 2015" This page collects all “Travel Challenge” posts for my trip to reconnect with family and culture in Taiwan. It’s a challenge because I can’t read or speak Chinese or Taiwanese (yes, they’re different). It’s also a test of my mental readiness for working and writing away from home for an extended period of time.

These posts are very informal, capturing my thoughts as they occur to me, so I apologize for any confusion. Ask me a question if you have one! Enjoy!

Collected Travel to Taiwan Posts

Taiwan Trip 2015


A summary of my travel goals and related plans. LINK TO POST

Escape from New Hampshire

DAY 01: Escape from New Hampshire

The first day was just flying out to the west coast, followed by a lot of eating. LINK TO POST

Meanwhile in San Jose

DAY 02: Meanwhile in San Jose

A day outing with my cousin’s family to see…Olympic fencers compete in the Men’s Foil World Cup? But first, tasting hot sauces from these guys! LINK TO POST

San Jose Work Days

DAY 03-04: San Jose Work Days

Got a little bit of work done with my cousin for a project, and treated ourselves to quite a lot of eating. Plus, bonus Guinea Pig, Stupid iPhone Tricks, and a little trepidation about feeling like a dummy in Taiwan. LINK TO POST

Flying to Taiwan on ANA

DAY 05: Taiwan Bound!

October 21st was all about travel. I left San Jose at 12:45PM and arrived in Taiwan at 8:45PM the next day thanks to the International Date Line. LINK TO POST

Settling into Taiwan with Dad

DAY 06-08: Settling into Taiwan with Dad

After arriving, I slept for a day and then just went on errands with Dad to try to get my bearings and formulate a strategy for engaging with the area. This post covers October 22-24, and features a visit to a small supermarket. LINK TO POST

Dentistry in Taichung

DAY 09-10: Dinner and Dentistry in Taichung

The morning after a big dinner at a fancy hotel on Sunday night, I am plunked into a chair to have some implant work done by my uncle. Much sleeping ensues. LINK TO POST

Tabletop BBQ Grill

DAY 11-12: The Appliances of Taiwan

I’ve been wiped out from the dental surgery, feeling a bit out of it and sleeping a lot. There’s really nothing to report, so here’s some pictures of appliances that caught my eye so far. LINK TO POST

Taichung County

DAY 13: Journey to the West (of Taichung City)

Thursday my Uncle took us to visit his house toward the far west side of Taichung City. Mystery foods were seen and consumed! Political commentary was absorbed! LINK TO POST

Breakfast Time

DAY 14: In Search of Taiwanese Breakfast

Friday we started the day by taking a walk past the 7-Eleven toward Luqun Street, where a local street market selling food and other goods opens. Dad wanted to show me where all the people “swarmed” to buy shaobing youtiao, a popular Taiwan breakfast item fried right there in front of you. LINK TO POST

Taichung Flower Market

DAY 15: Taichung Guoguang Flower Market

Dad took me to the flower market he like to visit on Saturday morning. It was gigantic! LINK TO POST