• Updated Website

    March 28, 2015

    I have just finished moving my website from one WordPress installation to another. While it may look largely the same as the old site, I’m now running davidseah.com on a completely new theme called Dante. Details follow!  (more…)

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  • 1401.004: Staring Down Milestone 2

    March 16, 2015

    Milestone 2: Moving Ship I finally got a working starfield and a spaceship to fly around a very large space. Compared to the last milestone’s rather drab technical test of spinning shapes, this is huge! One can start to imagine an actual game!

    Also huge is more insight into overcoming my particular brand of procrastination when facing personal projects like this. Or really, any project that requires some measure of uncertainty coupled with the desire for rapid progress. I now see new coping mechanisms that may help me move past the feelings of frustration, which I’ll talk about that right after the jump. After that, I’ll talk a bit more about the technical challenge in detail for those who are interested. (more…)

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  • An interview with little acorn creations

    March 9, 2015

    Long-time online friend Penny Shima Glanz recently interviewed me on her blog, digging a bit into my design process behind the “reporter style ETP” I did during my recent making challenge. She’s been doing a much larger making every day challenge for over a year herself! Check out the interview on her website: A Chat with David Seah.

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  • Resolution Review #1: ETP Notebooks, Games, and Living Room Cafes

    March 3, 2015

    It’s time for my first Groundhog Day Resolutions review of the year! On February 2nd, I made several general goals, rewritten slightly from the original ones:

    • Eliminating Time-based Thinking
    • Reduce Possessions and Responsibilities that sap energy
    • Build full-time stationery business by end of year
    • Find will to create and share more
    • Build health and strength

    This year I’m evaluating my goals by whether they fit these and/or one of my 10 year projects. Details follow! (more…)

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  • 1401.003: Review of Game-Making Week Milestone 1

    February 23, 2015

    Project 1401 Milestone 1 Happy Monday! Since I last posted, I’ve been working on my video game project, Project 1401. Although I’ve worked on a few commercial games, my goal with 1401 is to make my own video game. It’s one of many creative challenges that I’ve never fulfilled. I gave myself 10 years to get them done.

    Anyway, spending a week on 1401 also gave me a chance to test my willpower against the demons Guaranteed Uncertainty and Guaranteed Tedium, two of the resistances that sap my enthusiasm before I even start working. A few insights bubbled to the top of my awareness in the course of battle:

    • Even thinking about how long something will take is a huge distraction, because it takes one’s focus away from immediate problem solving to the unproductive realm of an unreachable, unknowable, fictional future. It’s even worse if the current task itself is uncertain in some aspect. While there is a place for time management, worrying about it when you are trying to learn how to do something is really counterproductive. I have to remind myself that 1401 is a learning project in many respects, as much as I want it to be DONE NOW so I can reap the feeling of having finished it. Such thinking is the downside of being a dreamer I suppose; dreaming of rosy futures is just where my mind goes. Sticking in the moment and not letting distractions or negative feelings derail me is a huge challenge. I’m trying to cultivate a zen-like Not thinking of time and effort mentality, which seems to be helping.
    • Thinking about how much there is to do is another demotivation, creating significant threshold to starting every task.
    • A lot of the systems I’m making for 1401 are conceptually simple (isn’t everything?) but complex in the details. Because there are so many programming tasks involved, it can be quite daunting because there are a lot of details to take care of before the “good stuff” happens. This is demoralizing. To bypass this, I’ve bene using the trick of fixing something really small after just looking at the system as it exists; once I have the code up and in my face, my curiosity starts to take over and I start working as my focus is productively applied to problem solving, not assessing time, effort, and difficulty. There’s nowhere to go but THROUGH, you know?

    The remainder of this post delves into more detail about the time expended over the past week. This is both a review of technical process (but not too technical) and the personal challenges I faced. Read on, if you dare!


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