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Hi! This website is where I obsessively document my nerdy passions, often in the context of being more productive and finding meaning in the work I do. Professionally, I apply video game technology to learning software and installations. I also design paper-based productivity tools that you can print at home or buy at Amazon.

To get a sense of who I am, check out the massive blog archives page, or have a listen to the podcast I do with my friend Sid about being an “independent creative” making a go of it. I’m also Taiwanese-American, which means I am genetically predisposed to seek-out delicious food!

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Big Hairy Goals for 2024

I’ve been dragging my feet on several “big dream” projects for years, in some cases DECADES. So in 2014, I chose six big project goals to complete by 2024:

Make a Game

Illustrate Book


Compose Music

Thinking Tools


By keeping this list on my website, I’m more likely to be reminded to make progress on them. Currently, I’m making the most progress on the video game project, trying to push on them periodically. It turns out that these projects are good practice for dealing with uncertainty and deferred payoff, two forms of project resistance that plague me. I’m discovering that the countermeasures are making work tangible and then showing the work to others; this is the long-standing philosophy behind my productivity methodology. It’s not easy, but I invite you to give it a try! I hope the work I share on this website will serve as a useful example for others who are on the same path.