• DuelTris (1992)

    September 3, 2004

    92-dworld.gif.jpgDuelTris was a game for the Apple IIGS, a 16-bit computer that was somewhat popular from 1986-1990. I met the programmer through AppleLink: Personal Edition’s Apple II Art & Graphics Forum (AGR), and we produced this game. It was a minor hit in the Apple IIGS shareware arena, and I actually made a small chunk of money from it. It was this experience that gave me the idea that I might be able to make a go at doing graphics professionally; this was just after graduating with my Masters in Electrical Engineering and not feeling too good about it.

    All the graphics on the Apple IIGS’s best color mode were 320×200 with a maximum of 16 colors per scanline. With tricks, you could have up to 16 zones of 16 palettes. The main screen used an even fancier trick to get a 3200-color mode, though it’s limited to 256 colors in actual use.

    All graphics for Dueltris were done with the Apple IIGS version of DeluxePaint II Enhanced, still one of my favorite programs for it’s excellent pixel-level control. Photoshop still can learn a thing or two from this venerable program (hint: Photoshop’s pixel tools suck by comparison). However, the title screen did make use of the IBM-PC version of DeluxePaint for adding the sky colors and bottom logo green. The resulting 256 color file was then run through DreamWorld’s tools. I could be misremembering this…

    Note: Most of these screens for the Apple IIGS will look kind of squashed (this is particularly noticeable in the other portfolio sections). That’s because pixels on the IIGS were 20% taller than they were wide, a vestige of that machine’s compatibility with television video. Also, these GIF files were scaled by 200% so you could actually see them on a modern computer. They will appear quite chunky, but on the IIGS the graphics were smoothed out.


    The main playing screen uses 16 colors, except for the bottom row, which used a separate palette of 16 colors to introduce more greens. The high scores screen on the right show the progression from flat line art to filled 3D.

    Note: The statues are based on a book on Incan architecture. Why Incan? At the time, I think we were trying to get away from looking like every other “falling blocks” style game. I remember doing a “high tech” version that didn’t look quite as good…lacking the colors for nice metallic effects there. I wonder now how DreamWorld really felt about the stone look.


    Some more graphics from the screen. The Album5.gif never appears in the game…it’s something I just put together because I thought it might look cool, and I liked the sunface thing I had made in the game. This one uses all 16 colors, which the game screen version couldn’t because it had to share colors with the blocks. The credits screen appears when you quit the game, or you look at the credits. I can’t remember anymore.

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  • Star Reach (1993)

    September 3, 2004

    93-starreach.gif.jpgFirst commercial artist gig for a game, arranged through buddy Mark who did the 3D ship modeling. We did the artwork over the summer of 92. Star Reach was a game similar to Star Control. I never got a copy, so I’m not sure how it actually played.

    (BTW, I didn’t do the ad layout)


    Created with DeluxePaint II Enhanced on my IBM-PC, a rippin’ 486DX2-66!



    Created with, I think, Aldus PhotoStyler and touched up in DeluxePaint II Enhanced. I didn’t have PhotoShop back then…




    Rendered in VistaPro…remember that? This was way before Bryce was available.



    Lots of sprites to show how things were blowing up. Created in DeluxePaint II Enhanced. Still kicks butt over PhotoShop, in my opinion, when it comes to fast pixel editing.



    title (unused)

    93-title-st5.gif.jpgTitle screen for the game, went through several revisions, but never had the “pop” that the publisher was looking for. A different artist made it. Never saw it.

    These were my first attempts at making any kind of 24-bit color image, incidentally, or drawing anything like this in perspective.



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  • Apple IIGS

    September 3, 2004

    Here are some of my first 16-color graphics. Descriptions forthcoming soon!











    Fanboy Art





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  • RIT CGD (1994-1995)

    September 3, 2004

    After getting out of Electrical Engineering, I headed to Art School at Rochester Institute of Technology. They waived the studio art requirements for their MFA program in Computer Graphics Design, one of the earliest graduate programs I am aware of.


    Various student projects, Director 4.04.


    3d graphics

    Swivel 3D work.


    3DS R3 (that’s the DOS version, not Max)


    2d graphics

    Aldus Freehand work, mostly.

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  • Early PC Graphics

    September 3, 2004


    These were created to pad out my 20-slide portfolio submission to the Computer Graphics Design MFA program at RIT. I was curious about 3D anyway, so I downloaded POVRay to my PC, got out the graph paper, and started plotting shapes and writing down coordinates…

    Oh, yeah, there wasn’t a GUI for POVRay back then that I was aware of. You entered coordinates in by hand using a scene description language. So it’s amazing that these images look like anything at ALL :-) For all I know, POVRay is the same, but there are plenty of free 3D modellers and renderes available now!

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