About Dave “Sri” Seah, Investigative Designer

Hiya! I write about three main topics:

  • Designing Paper-based Productivity Tools – I make popular tracking tools like the Emergent Task Planner in the Productivity Tools section. My design philosophy embodies the use of visual hierarchy and careful definition to clearly show progress over time without tedious data entry. These forms tend to appeal to visual thinkers who like some flexibility in their personal tracking systems. Also, I hate ugly forms, so I try to make them as nice as possible!
  • The Challenge of Creative Development – For those of you hacking your own way toward a values-based creative life, I share the experience of overcoming my own obstacles. While I’m not someone to use as a model for career success, I think it’s good to let people know that they are not alone in pursuing unorthodox personal goals. We gotta stick together!
  • Sharing Experiments, Projects, and Processes – To help keep myself moving creatively, I like to try new things and document the experience here in detail. I like testing novel ideas to discover the unseen forces that make things work, applying what I know about science, graphic design, computer programming, and psychology to see what happens!
Overall, I strive to present the unvarnished truth of my lived experience. When I have doubts about myself, I try to formulate the questions that reveal the data points that illuminate deeper personal truths. I believe that it’s super important to show that you don’t need to be perfect to make something cool that empowers yourself and the people you care about. Or perhaps more succinctly stated: Sharing is caring! 🌈 ☀️ ✨ ❤ 🤪


Recent Posts / Blogging Status

Here are my last 12 blog posts! Currently I’m blogging around one article per month for my (Not) Groundhog Day Resolutions reports. I also share a lot of day-to-day thinking in the Virtual Coworking Chat (see next section).

Virtual Coworking Cafe

Join Sri's Virtual Coworking Cafe

Sri’s Virtual Coworking Cafe (AKA the  DS | CAFE) is where I and other nerdy positive-minded people try to cultivate a good “working vibe” as we pursue our individual goals. We have a diverse range of people from around the world sharing their stratagems for figuring-out stuff that’s on their mind.

This is a working online chat room, and the general idea is to provide the level of distraction you need to have a productive day. Visitors can drop by at any hour of the day to mingle with the regulars, sort of like visiting a nice coffee shop. People engage at whatever level they are comfortable with, and can choose to partake in the vibe by joining a topical discussion room, sharing photos showing-off project progress, or doing paced work in a group audio chat room. What you get out of the experience is really up to what you choose to put in.

If you’re interested in visiting the DS | CAFE, you’ll find the details on the virtual coworking page.

About Dave.Sri

As a kid I liked to write and draw. I drews lots of pictures of spaceships. Later I spent a lot of time on my Apple II, learning to read machine language and make computer graphics. For college I almost picked English as a major, but decided to pursue computer engineering and graphics design as part of my master plan to make lots of video games with spaceships. In the mid 1990s, I was part of a tiny startup game company in the Boston area to make a game called Crixa, and after that company folded I moved to Florida to work at Electronic Arts. I soon realized that I was not a good fit for the industry, and after a lot of painful soul searching I left the business entirely to practice interactive design.

These days I work as a freelance designer/developer using video game technology for Learning Sciences research software and interactive installations, currently with Javascript and NodeJS. I also have a side hustle selling versions of my productivity tools on Amazon.

On a personal note, I’m a second-generation Taiwanese 🇹🇼 🇺🇸 American living in Southern New Hampshire about 40 miles north of Boston. I’m transitioning from the name “Dave” to “Sri” (pronounced SREEE), which is a long story in itself. ⚧ My preferred pronouns are they/them.

I really like curry, daylight-balanced lighting, hats, cats, select rodents, gadgets that work better upside-down, temperature control of all kinds, and gear that is obsessively designed to provide utility that empowers people. I especially like excellence-seeking positive-minded people who are generous, conscientious, curious, and kind. ❤