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  • Next Gen Intel, Reason for Apple Switch?

    August 19, 2005

    As we found out at the last Apple World Wide Developers Conference, the Mac is turning Intel. More interesting...

    DSri Seah
  • The Romance of Early Computing

    August 18, 2005

    I was stopped dead in my tracks this morning by this recreation of the IMSAI 8080 microcomputer by the...

    DSri Seah
  • A Hair Odyssey

    August 10, 2005

    There was a brief period of time, from around 2000 to 2002, where I actually had my hair under...

    DSri Seah
  • Dave & Busters, Providence

    August 4, 2005

    I recently visited Providence to hang out with my sister, Robert, Peter, Duncan, and my cousin Jason visiting from...

    DSri Seah
  • Apple’s Two-Button MightyMouse

    August 2, 2005

    I just was reading about the new Apple 2-button mouse: The MightyMouse. I didn’t imagine that even Apple could...

    DSri Seah
  • Stalking the Wily Lobster Dinner

    July 12, 2005

    My sister was mentioning that she was going out to get lobster one night, but it was too pricey...

    DSri Seah