Stalking the Wily Lobster Dinner

Stalking the Wily Lobster Dinner

My sister was mentioning that she was going out to get lobster one night, but it was too pricey so they passed it up. “The prices fluctuate daily”, she said. This got me wondering if there was a resource that actually tracked or posted daily fish market prices so one could pick the opportune moment of going out for lobster. Sort of a Priceline for seafood, maybe.

As it turns out, there’s the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology, which publishes a daily market price report. So you can visit this site everyday (except Wednesday) to make your next visit to Lobster Shack easier on the wallet.

The NOAA FlagThe Office of Science Technology is a branch of yet another umbrella agency in support of our fabulous American lifestyle: The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adminstration, the kinder-and-gentler brainchild of Richard M. Nixon. I’ve never heard of NOAA until now, but it looks like a comprehensive science agency, way more integrated into daily life than NASA.

From providing timely and precise weather, water and climate forecasts, to monitoring the environment, to managing fisheries and building healthy coastlines, to making our nation more competitive through safe navigation and examining changes in the oceans, NOAA is on the front lines for America.

America! F-Yeah!