Apple’s Two-Button MightyMouse

Apple’s Two-Button MightyMouse

Visit Site I just was reading about the new Apple 2-button mouse: The MightyMouse. I didn’t imagine that even Apple could possibly reinvent the mouse in a substantive manner–witness the very stylish but functionally-ordinary Apple Mouse we’ve become used to with the current generation of Macs.

Apple’s mouse sounds very promising…the idea of squeezing the mouse to active Expose sounds neat. And I’m hopeful that the roller ball has a great tactile feel. I give this a 50-50 chance of being true, given that Apple seems to have destroyed their keyboard feel in recent years, unless you like mush.


I hate hate hate the multiple buttons that litter the current offerings from Logitech and Microsoft. The latest mouse I have, a Logitech MX510, has a lame back button on the left side of the mouse that I inadvertently hit whenever I touch the mouse the wrong way. Back goes the browser, nuking all the blogging I’ve done for the last 5 minutes! I would disable the feature, but then I’d have to install the even more useless and superfluous and bloated Logitech control panel software. I just want a mouse that gives me a place for my pinky, a faaast optical sensor, and good tactile response: crisp, solid, and consistent, with two buttons and a mouse wheel. And it shouldn’t feel like a piece of plastic crap from the dollar store. Thank you very much.


Yes, I am very picky about my mice.


  1. David W. 19 years ago

    This early review:

    says the tactile feedback is good!

  2. Bo Jordan 19 years ago

    Basically should work like the existing Apple mouse, but with scrolling and right click.  I was imagining some sort of touch-click like an iPod button, but it just senses where your fingers are on top as you depress the hinge.  Which will probably be better, in the long run.

    Mine is in the mail. :)