2016 Emergent Task Planner Almanac PDFs for Sale!

2016 Emergent Task Planner Almanac PDFs for Sale!

Since 2013 I’ve been selling a massive pre-dated printable daily planner version of the Emergent Task Planner for people who like to print and bind their own ETP journals. Finally here’s the 2016 update!

ETP Planner Variants There are 8 different variants in each A4/A5 International and the US Letter/US Half-letter packages Each package features:

  • Form-fillable PDFs (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • 365 days of coverage!
  • Color and Monochrome versions included
  • Full page and half page versions included
  • Same high-quality design as the pre-printed versions on Amazon
  • 4 bonus year-dated blank dated single-page sheet for one-off printing

They’re huge 365-page PDF downloads with interactive form fields so you can pre-enter your tasks (compatible PDF reader required; I recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader), and I’ve tried to provide lots of variants to meet the needs of erstwhile journal makers.

ETP Planner


You can find the purchase links on the main ETP page, or click the following links:

  • GumRoad Store – accepts credit cards
  • Shopify Store – accepts credit cards and PayPal

Preparing these almanac files is quite time consuming, so I am charging $9 for the download. If you don’t have $9 bucks to spare, by all means continue to use the free downloads on the ETP page! But for those of you who continue to support my work, thank you very much! Every little bit helps support the free tools.

As an added bonus, since I’ve been so late with this upload, I’ve also put the Amazon products on sale until January 31, 2016. Please note that Emergent Task Planner pads are sold out pending a redesign in 2016, but I hope to get them back in the store as soon as possible!

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  1. Jennifer 8 years ago

    Any word on when the large pads will restock on Amazon?