2016 Word Tracking Calendar Now Available for Purchase!

2016 Word Tracking Calendar Now Available for Purchase!

Word Counting Calendar Every year I make a National Novel Writing Month calendar based on the one I made for my own use the first time I took the writing challenge. It was a visual calendar that tracked my effort while giving me an idea day-to-day and week-to-week how I’m doing. It worked rather well, and it’s a pretty popular calendar when NaNoWriMo rolls around every November.

Here’s my original calendar from 2013, which shows what a filled-out month looks like. Note how the filled-out pyramid shapes gives you a day-to-day idea of

I used the calendar last year to track my progress. You can see how the pyramids show how much effort was spent on each day.

The 12 Month Version

I’ve gotten several requests for a full year version so NaNoWriMo-style writing can happen every month. Although it’s a calendar that is tedious to create due to the amount of careful arithmetic and layout required, I’ve managed to produce it yet again in time for the new year! If you’re writing a thesis, it’s a pretty good way to track the amount of effort you’re applying to your daily writing.

The design of the 12-month calendar is slightly different from the filled-out example, but it’s pretty much the same. If there’s interest in tracking other kind of things let me know what they are, and if you’re willing to throw some money at a future download! :)


You can find the 2016 Word Counting Calendar at my Shopify store, which is linked from my NaNoWriMo Calendar Page. Alternatively, buy it on Gumroad using this link: https://gum.co/XKRk.

Thanks for your ongoing support! I don’t sell many of these calendars relative to the amount of time it takes, but it’s certainly one of the more useful things I think I make. Enjoy!


  1. Chi Lam 9 years ago

    Dave, thanks for creating this!

  2. Diana Orgain 9 years ago

    Thanks Dave! This is an awesome tool! I shared on facebook and twitter to help get the word out!