Compact Calendar 2016 Uploaded!

Compact Calendar 2016 Uploaded!

Compact Calendar 2016 I’ve finally gotten to the first of my calendar updates, which is the Compact Calendar package for 2016! Both versions for Excel and Numbers are available, and I’ve provided some PDF versions in US and A4 sizes.

This year, only a couple changes were made.

  • I removed the Sunday to Friday version. I don’t think anyone ever used it; if that’s not the case, someone let me know.
  • I added a 12-month holiday-less worksheet to the Excel version, which makes it easier for me to generate the A4 versions.

Regarding the black-and-white grainy print. Unfortunately, my expensive Epson WorkForce printer is borked for color printing; I got a bad unit and have been playing telephone tennis with Epson’s customer support to try to get it taken care of. It’s a great printer unless you get one with a bad print head. Sigh.


As always, The Compact Calendar Page has the latest downloads and links to international versions that people have graciously made available.