Some Quick Emergent Task Tracker Updates

I’ve added a few interim debug console commands for the Emergent Task Tracker Online prototype. You will need to pull up the debug console by typing CTRL-SHIFT-TILDE to pull up the console window.

  • Modifiable Alarm Loop Count — You can now use set alarmloop to specify a number between 1 and 12 for the default chime. Currently, the default count is 7, but for those of you who want a shorter reminder chime, you can set it to 1.

  • Modifiable AlarmURL — You can use the set alarmURL command to specify your own custom MP3 file. I’d use something short. You must host the MP3 file on your own web server or page somewhere.

  • Restart Command — This is more for my own testing, but if you want to start with a fresh day, you can issue the command lso clear followed by restart.

  • Yesterday Command — Another testing command, by typing in yesterday, the day counter is decremented by one day. This is sometimes useful if you want to see the previous day’s data, but it does not update the current date display.


p>I also added another bubble type: the slash (/). I use this to indicate when I’m doing more than one thing in the same time period as my “main” task. This is just something I was goofing with quickly between projects, so it’s likely to change. However, it does lay in the infrastructure to support multiple bubble types like fractional minutes.

Known Bugs

  • There is a data-saving bug related to the order in which Flash is firing events, causing saving to occur only on the next modification you do. So I have to rework the event model a bit to capture this better.

Upcoming Features

The short-term goal is to get data saving / loading to work from a server, so I can access the same data from any browser. I don’t have an ETA on this.

I have basic SOAP communication working with a very simple NuSOAP-based webservice, and have been playing with EZ-SQL (the same database wrapper that WordPress uses). I also have to think now about user authentication and account tracking will work. Rather than roll my own, I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a simple-to-use “user administration” library in PHP. I probably just need to make one up, but if anyone has a recommendation for how to approach this, I’m all ears!

After this are some GUI updates: drag and drop reordering of tasks, easier multi-day navigation of data, adding the “hourly summary” column, and figuring out a way to manage whole classes of tasks. I’ll probably stick with Flash for this in the short term, because the ability to run the Flash projector OUTSIDE of a browser is a capability I’d like to retain.

So that’s where things are right now. Thanks for using the tool, glad that people are finding it useful.