Other Design (2001-2002)

Other Design (2001-2002)

MIMC 2001 Show Animation

Series of stills from Award Show animation, presented at the 2001 MIMC Awards. With creative help from many to make a success: Bevan Wang for the initial series of screens & musical direction (I was so stuck), Alen Yen for initial script direction and additional graphics, Duncan Hsu for additional graphics. Producer Vinny Fahy, also shooting video footage.

The animation was created in a huge Flash movie, dumped to AVI, and then composited with AfterEffects (it just happened to be more stable than Premiere). The resulting movie was converted to DiVX and played straight from a 1.0GHz PC through the production company’s a/v feed at a solid 30fps at 800×600. It looked fantastic.





Graphics User Interfaces & Websites

98-method.jpgMethod Software Graphical User Interface Design. I also implemented this in Java. Created at Qualia, Inc (defunct). 1996.

02-unifund.jpgWeb site design and integration for Unifund LLC. Created at Active Edge. 2002.

03-ddc.jpgCustomizeable slide show Shell for presentation. Flash. Created at Active Edge for Design Dot Com. 2002.

98-otosel.jpg98-otowatch.jpg98-otopick.jpgSeries of user interface concepts. Freelance work for 1to1TV. 1998.

01-skychart.jpgSky & Telescope Interactive Sky Chart GUI design concept. Award winning! Created at Interactive Factory for Sky & Telescope Magazine. Implementation by Tom Beyer / Interactive Factory.

02-tiegui.jpgApplication GUI redesign for Rez1. Created at Active Edge for TIE Solutions. 2002.


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