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Installing Mercurial

POSTED Tue Mar.15.2011 by Dave Seah UNDER Process

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Agenceum blog, but I’m now actively building new infrastructure and this is the place to post it. Currently on the plate: using a different revision control system…Mercurial! The reason for switching to Mercurial from Subversion (SVN) was that I actually lost the old repo when moving […]

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Git Setup Notes

POSTED Sun Nov.08.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Process

The development team is doing a test deployment of the source control system Git. The advantages of Git are that we’ll be able to maintain versions of our source code (html, c#, css) in a central location that retains history. Git also has the advantage over our old system (Subversion) in that it’s decentralized; every […]

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