Micro Tasks Challenge: April 2015

Welcome! This page collects all “Micro Task Challenge” posts for the Groundhog Day Resolutions Review #3 (Originally scheduled from April 4 to May 5, but aborted after day 13).

A Micro Task is defined as:

  • Any tangible step I can take quickly, in around 15 minutes
  • Is NOT complete in itself
  • When combined with something else, becomes part of a finished piece of work.
  • Is related to one of my 2015 Goals

The purpose of this challenge is to find out whether I can feel satisfaction from doing small bits of work to complete something larger over time, plus whatever else I end up learning.

Micro Task Posts

"Day 01: Make a Reminder Form

DAY 01: MicroTask Reminder

The idea was to make a simple task sheet that reminds me what my goals are. LINK TO POST

"Day 02: Schedule Eye Exam

DAY 02: Schedule Eye Exam

Apparently I have been putting this off for three or more years. LINK TO POST

"Day 03: Add some text to Project 1404

DAY 03: Add Text to Music Project Description Page

I wrote some text on the Project 1404 Music Composition goal page. It’s a start. Trying not to feel embarrassed at how small a task this is. LINK TO POST

"Day 04: Look in the Paper Box

DAY 04: Look Inside the Paper Sample Box

I looked inside of a box to see what it contained. This proved to be surprisingly productive. LINK TO POST

"Day 05: Proofread a Post

DAY 05: Proofread a Post

I’ve been working on a post about my new DSLR. I’ve been trying to be better about proofreading, and it ended up being more satisfying than expected. LINK TO POST

"Day 06: Add text to microtask Form

DAY 06: Add Text to Microtask Form

The first downloadable MicroTask form, with some preliminary theories on why it works for me, and who it might also work for. LINK TO POST

"Day 07: Making a Chore Sheet

DAY 07: Making a Chore Sheet

Over the weekend, I made a “chores” version of the microtask sheet. LINK TO POST

"Day 08: Making a Project Sheet

DAY 08: Making a Tricky Project Sheet

This week is project-focused microtasks! I made a “project” version of the microtask sheet. LINK TO POST

"Day 09: Trying to make progress in the face of distractions

DAY 09: Trying to Make Progress in the Face of Distractions

I tried to use my project sheet yesterday, but only got as far as writing down the “question for the day”; answers are required! But it’s a step. And I also still resent distractions. LINK TO POST

"Day 10-12: Mission Fail. Abort.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the microtask challenge has already failed. There’s a deeper underlying cause that microtasks are unable to crack: a desire to connect with, but also be free of, people! No solutions at the moment. LINK TO POST

"Day 13: Furious Creativity with Friends

DAY 13: Furious Creativity with Friends

Postmortem analysis of microtask challenge leads to new insights about the nature of the work I do, and why I do it. LINK TO POST


As I write in Day 13, the microtask challenge came to an early end when I saw it wasn’t working in the way that I hoped. There is something more fundamental going on, so I pulled the plug on it to rethink.