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The Goal

This isn’t one of the Six Goals, but I love food, particularly delicious food that has a story behind it. I will happily chow down on anything tagged “famous”, “family recipe”, or “authentic” just to see what it’s like. Lately, I’ve been interested in learning to cook these foods, but from the point of view of optimal application of heat + lore + science. If modernist cuisine and rigorous tasting results in the preparation of a superior food, I want to be serving that to my dinner guests.

The Approach

Many good qualities in food come from the precise control of temperature, which I discovered when learning how to cook perfect steaks with my friend Bevan, and since then I’ve collected a variety of devices to support my study of the cooking of meats. I’m an experimental, intuitive cook, always looking to perfect taste and texture in pursuit of an imagined ideal. I’ll start posting some of those pictures.