1406 Fabricate Things

Fabricate Gear

Fabricating Physical Goods

The Goal

I love clever mechanical gadgets, particularly ones designed to solve a critical problem. There’s also something very satisfying about making something that can be held in the hand, as opposed to existing only on the computer screen. There are all kinds of useful and pretty things I’d like to be able to make, and perhaps sell as part of my creative independence goal, but I have found myself very shy when it comes to approaching experts to learn how to make things.

The Approach

From camera bags to metal coins to printing presses to gun holsters to tiny wooden boxes, there are quite a number of projects I have in mind that I’ve never got going. The reason I haven’t started a lot of them is because of the time commitment and cost of tools, and I don’t have a lot of space in my house. I have to start somewhere, though, and I’d rather start it sooner than waiting another ten years.