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Illustrate a Book

Illustrated Book

The Goal

I love illustration and illustrators, but have never been happy with my own drawing skills. I realized this year that illustration is one of two areas I’ve denied myself because I feared a lack of skill. The goal is to produce a small book of illustrated works by myself, or illustrate a story. I find this goal really daunting.

The Approach

If I let go of my “critical eye” and focus instead on just drawing a lot and being brave about showing my progress, in ten years I may be a place where I’m actually happy with what I do. The key, I think, is not to fixate on the technical merits of the drawing, but by what is being expressed. My favorite illustration conveys emotion and meaning, contextualizing the facts in a way that is deliciously relatable. The way to start, I think, is to learn how to communicate by rendering remembered empathy.