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The Goal

I’ve been designing productivity tools for almost ten years now, but my interest in creating better thinking tools goes much further back. I’d like to finally get off my butt and make them, combining my love of pencil boxes and Trapper Keepers with the satisfaction of engineering beautiful visualization software. I am of the mind that I can no longer eschew the software side, and will need to start learning how to build these tools myself.

The Approach

While I have worked primarily as an interactive graphic designer, I do a significant amount of programming that I don’t advertise because I find it a solitary and depressing task. Nevertheless, I take on programming projects for interesting causes, and I’ve been doing it long enough to have amassed the expertise to create some real applications with selected partners. The various productivity tools I’ve designed are all part of the same task model, and these are a natural choice to develop.

The initial goal is to acquire some practical review experience across multiple software platforms, using the minimum viable test case that will give me an idea of how the tools work for a really basic application with a UI event loop.