The Tome of Sri

The Tome of Sri describes Sri-ness, which is the best version of me. It is an evolving draft.

feb 11 2021 thursday

My vision of Sriness is that it’s my best innermost self, presiding over a beautiful meadow (sort of like Bloom County) as a spirit of positivity, empathy, cheer, and inclusion. Sriness is also alloyed with practical knowledge and understanding, with a strong willingness to help people help themselves. There’s a spectrum of help available. I’ve thought of this as my INFP side, to use MBTI terms

There’s also an outer layer of armor (in MBTI terms: INTJ) that is the protector of the inside. It is the part of me that prevents the INFP from being taken advantage of, by constantly assessing people’s motives and treating the world as a crime scene filled with malicious misdirection and lies. There is the truth somewhere there, and the INTJ looks for it. When there is no malice detected, these are safe areas where the inner Sriness is allowed to engage.

feb 15 2021 monday

I was thinking that I think of tasks having two categories: known procedure and synthesis. I think there might be another one: ideation/qualifying, which is more of the wandering/discovery portion of the task. Maybe there’s another that is imagining/visualizing something better.

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