The Tome of Grace and Humility

The Tome of Grace and Humility is a collection of reflections on what is grace and what it means to be a humble person. I think I need to write this so I have a model of behavior to follow.

feb 07 2021 sunday

Game development was important to me in early adulthood to now, and I thought myself to be well-informed and capable in these areas. However, I’ve come to realize that I am really out of date and out of touch with video games. They actually don’t interest me that much anymore. At best, I am a somewhat experienced visual designer that pays attention to interaction. The humbleness practice is to recognize that I am not in the game anymore and to accept other people are far more embedded in it, and I should listen instead of speak in this regard The graciousness practice is to help people who are doing this work feel encouraged by my remaining enthusiasm.

feb 11 2021 thursday

I have a tendency to overexplain things to people who have difficulty absorbing it. While I tell myself that I am trying to be complete, there is a part of me that might be showing off. I think that overwhelming people with detail is not very humble. Instead (related to reducing intensity of engagement with people who don’t want it) just giving them the first step and implying the hopeful outcome is enough. There’s a  problem though with appearing smug to people who are less confident. I am not sure how to deal with that.