The Tome of Blockages

The Tome of Blockages analyzes the personal barriers that prevent me from being as effective in action as I want to be. An expansion of the SEAH MODEL 4/3.

mar 03 2021 wednesday

Evaluating Types of Tiredness

Feeling clear-headed and rested is an essential precondition for doing the deep work. Quality of sleep affects it, but there are other kinds of sleepiness that I’m trying to learn to discern the difference between different forms:

  • Not quite enough sleep
  • Need to eat something
  • Ate too much
  • Ate carbs or sugar
  • Bupropion wears off
  • Gut inbalance
  • Missing caffeine boost
  • Dehydrated
  • Cardiovascular sluggishness / Unworked muscles and long sitting periods
  • Lack of sunshine / light therapy
  • Eyestrain from pixel peeping / tiny text
  • Eyestrain from morning light shining into my face between 9AM and 1PM
  • Neck strain from stooping over ipad or drawing at table
  • Mental exhaustion after
    • a lot of synthesis work
    • decision making power depleted
  • Bored by task and want to avoid doing it because
    • Uncertain how to start task
    • Uncertain that I understand the task and expectation
    • Task requires learning to use low quality process or tools
    • Task for other person is not reciprocated with equal value in exchange
  • Distracting pain or sensation from
    • injury, illness, or infection
    • muscle aches / stiff muscles
  • Environment is physically uncomfortable
    • bad ergonomics
    • temperature range is lower than 68 degrees or higher than 72 degrees
    • overly dry air in winter time
    • overly humid air

apr 04 2021 sunday

Imagining Future Time

I have a difficulty imagining time after any scheduled event. My attention is quite preoccupied with the upcoming event, and I am always surprised that there IS time to do other things afterwards. Until then, I don’t feel I can commit to anything else. The more scheduled commitments, the less effective and free I feel.

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