• Bee Story: Part I

    August 22, 2006

    I spent about an hour writing the first part of this story; at this rate, I think it will...

    DSri Seah
  • Making Sense With What You Got

    August 21, 2006

    Last Tuesday I asked readers to suggest 10 ideas to incorporate into a single story for Tuesday, which happens...

    DSri Seah
  • Making up Stories

    August 14, 2006

    Every Tuesday is Story Day on my friend Senia’s website, and I’ve been really enjoying them because they’re different...

    DSri Seah
  • Storybits #002

    May 15, 2006

    I am thinking I should make a separate blog for this stuff, but in the meantime here is the...

    DSri Seah
  • Storybits #001

    May 14, 2006

    Based on yesterday’s post on spaceships, I created a new category called storybits where I’ll file away random sketches...

    DSri Seah
  • Storytelling versus Co-creation of Story

    April 20, 2006

    A friend of mine just told me about Ron Walter, Branded Entertainment Storyteller. He works for Conductor, an agency...

    DSri Seah