Storybits #001

Storybits #001

Based on yesterday’s post on spaceships, I created a new category called storybits where I’ll file away random sketches of things that pop into my head. Going to try to do more of this, because it’s a different kind of thinking; instead of working toward a specific story or image, I’m just going to see what comes out.

electronics? What are these things? They have plugs on the end and screens, and look like dongles. the one of the left has something similar to a coaxial cable-TV connector, and the other has something like a male RCA phono plug. Maybe it’s some kind of spy gear, or a diagnostic. The one on the right also has some kind of blade-like thingy, with contacts carved into it. But WHY?

Feel free to play along…this could be a cool interplay of ideas and imagery.


  1. Joan 18 years ago

    Point of Interest:How are you rendering these things?
    Point of observation:1.they are “male”.
    2. it looks like you might need to cruise the Tool Bin at Home Depot in the not to distant future.


  2. Alan 18 years ago

    the first(left) item looks like an FM connector for an iPod.  A handy way to use the iPod in transgalactic flights.

    The item on the right reminds me of a keyring!

  3. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Joan: they’re pencil sketches, scanned, colored lightly with photoshop with color on a separate layer in “multiply” mode. Not sure what you mean about needing to cruise the tool bin…I’m not looking for things to draw, I’m looking to see what comes out! I guess they are all “male” and prong-y, though the RCA plug I think is possibly female.

    Alan: The keyring of DOOOOM :-) I wonder what it would go to?

  4. Rory Francis 18 years ago

    Dave –

    The RCA jack is actually the male – at least looks to be.

    I’m seeing the thing on the right being a key of some sort, and the thing on the left being some type of module you would plug into the key.  Maybe to provide special security access… except I can’t seem to find the right adapter to connect them… Why can’t they standarize these things?!  Where are the standards police when you need them?!

  5. Joan 18 years ago

    I like the rendering. I’m not sure what I meant by visiting the tool bin either. I do know that as I thumbed through the SKY MALL magazine today, many things looked like they could be ready-mades for your space world (if they were colored or rusted up a bit).

  6. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Rory: Heh :-) They’re both kind of prongy…one looks like ] and the other -]