Storybits #002

Storybits #002

wha?I am thinking I should make a separate blog for this stuff, but in the meantime here is the next fragment. This is really embarassingly horrible, but in the interest in establishing a baseline of something, I’m posting it anyway.

I guess it’s a couple of ships, badly colored, on a hanger with a glowy planet in the background. Targeted?

This reminds me of an idea I had a long ago about having a planet as the base of a mothballed fleet, and there were these kids growing up on the planet not realizing they lived in a derelict fleet; the town hall was the primary hull of some kind of old ship, built around with brick, the church was an old shell of some colonization module, etc. Some kid then starts asking questions about where things come from, and is told to concentrate on his apprenticeship until he stumbles upon something cool that bring everything into question. The stars are reachable, and his people apparently came original from there. Some of those old ships, some hundreds of years old, are still active. And there are some forces out in the universe, recovering from a galactic war, are rounding up ships of the old line too.

I imagined those ships would be huge and architectural, not these puny things. Hm.