Rick’s Pure CSS Task Order Up! Markup

Rick’s Pure CSS Task Order Up! Markup

Rick Benavidez sent me a link to a pure CSS markup version of the Task Order Up that he put together. It doesn’t do anything, but it’s still cool if anyone wants to make something fancy out of it.

Thanks for sharing, Rick!

UPDATE: added a link to Rick’s post about it.


  1. Rick Benavidez 16 years ago

    If I’d had known you were actually going to post it I might have cleaned up the markup a little bit ;)

    Some folks might just ask “why?” and it turns out to be one of those “just because it was there kinds of things.”  It was a neat exercise and didn’t end up being as hard as I thought it would be.  Also note that this only works in Firefox.  A couple of tweaks and it’d be good to go in Safari – not sure I want to even think about the IE tweaks that would be needed (I have to do that enough daily as it is).

    Thanks to David for sharing all his work on the Task Order Up which certainly has become part of my daily process.  Consider this simply as an homage…


  2. Rory Francis 16 years ago

    Rick –

    Looks nice.

    I’ve been thinking about taking on developing an AJAX version of Task Order Up! as a good learning opportunity.  Been trying to find a good personal project to work on to build my PHP/MySQL skills, and after seeing your CSS mockup, I’m feeling even more compelled to give it a go.

    One more thing to add to my task list. :)

    And, yes, thanks Dave for sharing these great tools.

  3. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Rick: Doh! Sorry to take you by surprise! I thought you’d given your permission to link to it directly, and I thought it was COOL that you did a pure markup version. Sweet! :-)

    Glad to see people sharing this stuff too…productivity is within our grasp!!! I claim, as I wake up from a “brisk nap” :-)

  4. elv 16 years ago

    Nice, but it goes boink if you increase font size.
    A useful approach would be to use html check boxes and text fields instead of images, so one could use it in an app an dreally fill it.