What’s Up in the Forums

What’s Up in the Forums

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed what’s going on in The Forums. It’s been relatively quiet, but a few topics are slowly moving:

  • The Innovation Book Club — A couple messages about executive book summary clubs…this was part of the inspiration, actually, for the tables of contents post. We need our ideas in bite-sized form!

  • GTD with Thunderbird — A heads-up on using the Thunderbird email client a forum member’s blog post.

  • Virtual Freelancer Network — Discussion continues around using Open Source tools like Drupal to create viable businesses.

  • How to Build a Community…And Why — some discussion on why one would want to build a community.

Also created a few new forums:

  • The Library — for book recommendations. I’m planning on posting the table of contents of books I think are cool here.

  • The Incubator — sort of a project brainstorming area. Right now, there’s just one called the “University in a Box”.

  • Talk It Up: The Public Forum — this is a guest-access forum that everyone can talk in, though if you’re logged in you don’t see it. I’ve copied a few of my threads in there to see if anyone had anything to say in the forum format. I may just post them as regular blog posts and see if that makes a difference.


p>So not a whole lot of activity in the past two weeks; I’ve been rather busy myself, but the conversation slowly continues, with a few more registrations to boot. Very cool!