Making up Stories

Every Tuesday is Story Day on my friend Senia’s website, and I’ve been really enjoying them because they’re different from the usual blog fare. I’ve also been in a story-writing mood these days myself, so I’m thinking that I should do one for next Tuesday to help create a WAVE OF STORYTELLING across the Blogosphere! Well, maybe it will be a very small wave, but I thought I’d also throw out this CHALLENGE:

Post a Story Idea in the comment area of this blog entry. I’ll write a story that incorporates the first ten plot points or ideas for next Tuesday! I don’t care what they are. C’mon…I DARE YOU :-)

I can’t promise that the story will be any good, but I promise I’ll do my best to weasel my way to completion :-) I reserve the right, also, to not write about anything that’s very gross or horrifying…that’s where I draw the line. I’m curious to see what happens…in a way, it might be like conscious dreaming, with my mind trying desperately to connect wildly-disparate inputs into some kind of cohesive story.