• Registering to Vote

    October 8, 2004

    Don't want this to happen again...Today I registered to vote for the first time, heading down to the Nashua City Hall to stand in line. A couple of things struck me… the variety of people you see at City Hall, united in their common goal to have their vehicle registration renewed. I felt a small surge of civic duty as I stood in the City Clerk’s Voter Registration Line. It was not unlike the way I felt when waiting to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland; the anticipation was more interesting than the actual experience, which was disappointingly free of drama. I had brought along a small wad of utility bills and other incontrovertible documents to vigorously assert my identity. But no, all they needed was my driver’s license. They even printed out the form for me with everything filled in, and I just had to sign it. Absolutely painless…I give the experience an “B+”. If I had gotten a free sticker, that might have pushed things into “A” territory.

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  • New Yakitate! Japan

    October 7, 2004

    From Volume 1My cousins Brian and Jason turned me on to Yakitate! Japan, a japanese comic book (manga) about bread making…Volume 11 has just been scanlated! You’re all probably wondering, “bread making comics?” If you’re even a nominal fan of the Iron Chef series on The Food Network, you might enjoy this manga. It’s highly melodramatic, but filled with interesting (I assume) true tips about baking. Think “Rocky” meets “baking contests” and you’re in the ballpark…just don’t dwell on the Sylvester Stallone aspect too much.

    The inset shows a piece of bread that has just been punched. “Well made bread has elasticity, and will bounce back!” Did I mention this manga totally rocks?

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  • Flash Game Objects

    October 6, 2004

    I spent yesterday outlining some of the basic classes for the interactive Flash game. With the amount of animation in this game, I think I will need a pretty robust event-driven graphics architecture. Also, I’d like to avoid the pain of asynchronous threading that I had in my last (and first) AS 2.0 app in Prove it.

    I think I can combine both things into a common “Executor” class, which is an event-triggered serializing execution queue. Each Executor will have an ExecQueue with ExecObj’s, which encapsulate object and method context. This is similar to the method I used in Prove It to create a synchronous XML loader, but more generalized. The rest of the architecture breaks the interaction into Game Logic, I/O Services, and Sprite Utilities. So here’s how it’s shaping up:


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  • Splitting Blogs

    October 5, 2004

    Having run this blog for a couple weeks now, I’m seeing a few patterns emerge:

    • Gweeping / Coding
    • New Media
    • Personal Interest (Cats, etc)
    • Thoughts

    I’m thinking of splitting off the personal stuff / thought categories into its own section, to keep the main page relatively high in content. Not sure how to best achieve this in WordPress yet…one blog database, two interfaces!

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  • Flash Game Season

    October 5, 2004

    Ah, with the brisk air of Autumn comes the holiday season, and with that the interactive holiday card development period. As a friend of mine says, “That’s so 1999″, but I’m still looking forward to it because I’ll be developing it in actionscript 2.0 for a client. I’m planning on keeping a running log of how it’s going here. This week’s alpha delivery is to get something up and running by Friday, so today I’ll be outlining the base classes and major runtime objects while enjoying a Mocha Machiato at StarBucks.

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