• Optimizing WordPress

    October 1, 2004

    As much as I like Markdown, the nifty formatting syntax, it’s wicked slow. I may have to dump it just because it’s making page loads unacceptably slow. Not only that, but it slows down RSS feeds down something awful.

    So while waiting for WordPress 1.3 to add caching of pages, I am investigating how to optimize performance in the meantime.

    UPDATE: According to Pair, it is the web server running out of physical memory. A-hah! Although I added the staticize 2.5 plugin (which speeds page recall by orders of magnitude), it is the initial load of php.cgi into memory that is the lag…nothing I can do about that. Pair’s customer service continues to please me with their candor and responsiveness. But it will require a memory upgrade…I don’t know how long this will take.


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  • Retinal Scan, All Sectors Clear!

    October 1, 2004

    "eye" I had told my eye doctor that I was seeing floating blobs of light, kind of like a lava lamp. Today, I had my pupils dillated for a retinal exam by a specialist. I was a bit nervous at what they’d find. My eyes are my livelihood!

    Dr. Riddell was a slightly-built older gentleman with a caring demeanor. The initial exchange of pleasantries was a bit unusual in that he asked, “And how are you doing?” He actually paused to hear my answer, head tilted in a kindly manner. That was a positive beginning. He then proceeded to run me through the examination, with his assistant sitting to the side taking notes. It was pretty cool how he precisely described what he saw, shifting without pause between description and direction while shining various lights into my eyes: there’s a cv in the lower quarillant sector nothing unusual with the aqueous di-elephantine crescent and lactating clusters appear nominal look up to the left please the micturating dipolynomial fixative swivels within expected normative range now look down to the right and to the left I don’t see any cows here either okay we’re done

    It was an interesting feeling to be the subject under test, having a feature of my eye’s structure observed in such scrupulous scientifc detail. So this is what it’s like to be a microorganism, I thought.

    And my eyes are “normal for an extremely nearsighted person.” The assistant told me on the way out that she saw the blobs too, and had since she was a teenager…and a great weight was lifted from me…I wasn’t a crazy person after all! Though I hadn’t gone in feeling that I was being scruitinized for my mental stability, this was an unexpected bonus. I will have to celebrate with some Indian food, after my eyes undillate.

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  • Symbiosis

    September 30, 2004

    SleepingKatai is my wrist warmer, and I am his pillow. The only problem is when he starts dreaming and kicks his hind legs, which throws off my mousing. Oh, and his breath kind of smells fishy.

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  • Two Decades of Green

    September 30, 2004

    I’ve been spending the past several days finding and reviewing my old digital work from the past 20 years, so I can finally get my “portfolio” online. This is turning out to be more of a personal anthropology project, so I may have to rename that section.

    Some of the oldest work is still on Apple II 5.25″ disks from High School. They’re completely inaccessible unless I can somehow cobble together a serial port connection between an Apple IIGS or Macintosh LC II w/ Apple II card to my PC. That is, if they even will still read. Then there’s the matter of actually being able to get the software to run the serial port connection onto the machines in the first place. It’s all so complicated. Even the 3.5″ disks are problematic, because they’re in a format that Apple dropped years ago, and no current drive technology is capable of reading them.

    "froggy" It’s been interesting to see the trends in the work. I clearly like green, have a penchant for stippled metal, and seem to enjoy boxy layout. I seem to like making graphical interfaces that look like things, and boy, I sure do like them spaceships! This supports the conclusion of my previous blog entry rather well.

    My target date for having at least a usable collection of images ready for integration this Friday, so come Monday, I can call phase 1 of the website complete!

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  • 8-bit Memories

    September 29, 2004

    Apple//eI uncovered this picture while going through a pile of old 5.25″ disks. It’s my old Apple //e clone, circa 1984-5 on a mountaintop in Taiwan. Check out the bitchin’ boom box!

    I do see a couple interesting things on the right hand side: a map of either Bard’s Tale or Wizardry, and my “hacking notebook”, which contains entries like Adjusting Disk Drive Arm Seek Delay Table, Sector Edit for Sundog: Frozen Legacy More Cash, and Castle Wolfenstein Subroutine List. Yes, I was a huge nerd, but living on top of a mountain will do that to you.

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