Nanowrimo 2019 Word Tracking Calendar for November!

Nanowrimo 2019 Word Tracking Calendar for November!

2019 Word Counting Calendar for Tracking Nanowrimo Progress I’ve updated my Word Counting Calendar for Nanowrimo, the international Novel Writing Month where everyone tries to write 50,000 in 30 days! I did it in 2013 and discovered I could do it, but the real takeaway for me was this calendar design.

Green Version

More Versions! Many Colors!

» Download the standard green edition.

You can find instructions at You’ll also find links to the pretty color variations. There is also a 5000 word kid version that might be useful for kids participating in the Young Writers Program.

All these calendars are free for people and organizations doing Nanowrimo! If you like the calendar, please let me know on Twitter or Instagram, and that will make my day. :-)


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  1. Jessica 5 years ago

    Thank you for making these – I print out a stack for our NaNoWriMo participants each year!