Updated Nanowrimo 2018 Word Counting Calendar for November!

2018 Word Counting Calendar for Tracking Nanowrimo Progress I’ve updated the popular Word Counting Calendar for Nanowrimo, the international novel writing push undertaken every November. It’s based on the 12-month calendar I make every year; it’s currently marked down to US$2.00 when you use the CALENDAR-MISER discount code on my shop because there’s only a couple of months left in the year.

You can download the regular version on my site at davidseah.com/nanowrimo or head over to my Patreon profile to grab pretty colored Nanowrimo Calendar] shown above. They’re both free, and the downloads also include the 5000 word kid version that was requested last year.

I really like this calendar for the way it shows your progress daily. I usually update the 12 month version in December, and this year I may make the calendar more useful for tracking more kinds of efforts beyond words. If anyone has some ideas on what they’d like to see, leave a comment!



  1. Denise 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for publishing the Nanowrimo calendar. Very useful!

  2. Anne 3 weeks ago

    Thank you!! They are beautiful!!

  3. Krista 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Dave! Always a fan and so glad to have this. I hope you’ll update your word counting calendar for 2019! I will buy one–especially if it has lots of pretty colors!

    • Author
      Dave Seah 3 weeks ago

      Yes, I’m planning on making the word counting calendar for 2019! I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the color variations though, since the calendar-making is still quite tedious to do for 12 months for just one color, but I’ll see what I can do!

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